‘Bachelorette’ JoJo’s Overnight Date With Chase Is Game-Changer, Who Really Leaves After Fantasy Suite Dates? [Spoilers]

Chase McNary is one of Bachelorette JoJo’s final four guys going into the hometown dates, and while he hasn’t been a strong frontrunner like Luke, Jordan, and Robby, JoJo enjoys a hometown date with the 27-year-old Denver-based medical sales rep.

Chase impressed JoJo early on in the season when he made it snow during a cocktail party, but he’s been a quiet contender for several weeks now, leaving many fans wondering how he made it to the hometown dates.

Could it be that viewers aren’t seeing the connection play out on TV because producers are giving so much air time to Jordan Rodgers?

According to Zap2It, JoJo and Chase’s date during hometowns (they build a snowman — swoon!) brings out the passion that hasn’t surfaced all season, something that causes JoJo to rethink who she will take to the romantic overnight dates next week.

[Warning: The Bachelorette Season 12 spoilers ahead]

According to ABC, during JoJo’s hometown date with Chase, they head out to the great outdoors for some fun in the snow and then on to a personal ice-hockey lesson. Meeting Chase’s family goes well and his alone time with JoJo seems to spark a romantic connection that was not present in earlier episodes.

Earlier in the season, blogger Reality Steve confirmed that the hometown dates were the end of the road for Chase, but there’s a change of events that will have some fans shocked that JoJo will eliminate one of her frontrunners and take Chase to Thailand for the overnight dates.

Bachelorette JoJo final four hometown dates
Luke, Robby, Jordan, and Chase [Image via ABC Television Network]

Steve’s initial spoilers revealed that Chase would be eliminated at the hometown dates rose ceremony and JoJo would pick Jordan, Luke, and Robby as the final three guys who would enjoy a night in the Fantasy Suite with her.

Shortly after the Bachelorette season premiere aired on ABC, Reality Steve revised his spoilers, stating that Luke would leave the show after hometowns and Chase, Jordan, and Robby would head to the Fantasy Suite on the overnight dates episode (July 25).

bachelorette jojo and chase mcnary hometown dates

According to a previous report from the Inquisitr, there is speculation that Luke rejects JoJo’s rose and leaves the show after hometowns, prompting speculation that Chase was a default pick for the overnight dates.

Although fans won’t find out until the hometowns air on Monday if JoJo eliminated Luke or if he left on his own (and why), it’s certainly an interesting turn of events for viewers who were certain that Luke would make it at least to the Fantasy Suite dates, if not further.

In the preview for the July 18 episode, Luke interrupts JoJo at the hometown dates rose ceremony and asks to speak with her alone. JoJo is then shown crying over either her decision to send Luke home or his decision to leave.

Although Reality Steve reports that the hometown dates rose ceremony will end on a “cliffhanger” and fans won’t find out ’til next week who leaves, he is confident that Luke will not be going to the overnight dates next week.

Did Luke know that he had only a slim chance to win JoJo’s heart in light of her extremely strong connection with Jordan Rodgers? Perhaps he decided to bow out early so he would have a better chance to snag the role of the next Bachelor?

Viewers will learn more about Luke’s decision when he appears on the upcoming Men Tell All special (July 26) that was taped last weekend.

And Chase? His romance with JoJo ends at some point during his stay in the Fantasy Suite. If the spoilers are correct, JoJo sends him home at the rose ceremony, leaving Jordan and Robby as the two guys who will compete for the final rose on the August 1 season finale.

With just two weeks to go before the three-hour Bachelorette Season 12 finale, fans can expect to see JoJo in tears from the hometowns to the overnights, and right through to the finale rose ceremony. Find a weekly episode guide here, including rose ceremony spoilers for the remainder of the season.

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