‘Fallout 4’ Patch 1.6 Now Available On PlayStation 4, Xbox One Including Exit Saves, More Names Spoken By Codsworth

Exit saving, distinguishing icons for workshop content, and over 300 new names spoken by Codsworth are now live in Fallout 4 across all platforms. The latest update, patch 1.6, added these new features in addition to general improvements and fixes. The patch, which went live on PC weeks ago, is now live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Exit saving, referred to as “ExitSave” on the Bethesda.net patch notes, is a system that creates a special save when exiting to the Main Menu of the game or to the desktop if on PC. If loaded, an ExitSave will delete itself during the next play session. This feature works with all modes of Fallout 4 including Survival Mode. Another small but extremely helpful addition from the patch is the new icon on DLC workshop content. Previously, workshop items from downloadable content contained a marker noting that they were from DLC but the marker was the same for items from all DLCs. Now, each item from a DLC is marked with an icon specific to the DLC from which it was unlocked.

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Codsworth knows even more names with the update [Image via Bethesda]

Patch 1.6 for Fallout 4 also includes a plethora of new names that can be spoken by the companion Codsworth. Over 300 new names are now in Codsworth’s vocabulary giving players a chance to really connect with their weapon-wielding robot butler. The entire list of new names is provided in one handy image thanks to a Reddit user on the Fallout subreddit. Thankfully, both Bart and Bort are present. Several common names like Becky, Jane, and Zach are also included. Rarer, more interesting choices like Hellcat, Kiddo, Leeloo, and Wigglesworth are also available options.

The patch also addressed a few quest issues like those found in “Mankind Redefined” and “Boston After Dark” that kept players from completing those quests. Additionally, a major issue that resulted in lost saves is now rectified. Patch 1.6 rolled out to Xbox One earlier this morning while PlayStation 4 consoles received it this afternoon according to the developer’s official Twitter account.

With patch 1.6 now out, Fallout 4 players across all platforms have the upcoming Vault-Tec DLC to anticipate. The imminent DLC lets players act as Overseer to customizable vaults across the wasteland. New workshop elements like the vaults themselves, clean furniture, and several other new objects are part of the downloadable content available on July 26. Players will even be able to experiment on their settlers within the vaults for the full Overseer experience. Not to mention, the DLC gives players more control over their game with terminal management for tracking companions.

Have settlers power a vault with their labor [Image via Bethesda]

After the release of the Vault-Tec DLC, players have one final Fallout 4 DLC to enjoy. The Nuka-World DLC is the final DLC for the game taking players to a Nuka-Cola theme park. The DLC includes a new region ran by Raiders, and as VG247 notes, that DLC is expected to release in August. Nuka-World features new quests, weapons, items, creatures, and more. The add-on might even let players take the wasteland back as a raider looking to overtake the peaceful settlements they worked on building this entire time.

Of course, one aspect of Fallout 4 is still noticeably absent on PlayStation 4. Mod support is still not available on the system after developers delayed the targeted release date at the end of June. As the Inquisitr reported, mods can only be about half the size on PS4 as they can be on the Xbox One causing many issues for the content on the PlayStation 4. Additional memory issues due to textures and sound file problems are also persistent contributing factors to the delay. Bethesda Game Studios last commented on the issue stating that an update on the delay will be announced when there is one. That was nearly three weeks ago via the studio’s official Twitter account with no new information developing since then.

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[Image via Bethesda]