'Big Brother 18' Spoilers: Veto Meeting Shocker, 'BB18' House Drama Increases As Alliances Break [Spoilers]

Big Brother 18 spoilers from the Veto meeting have now come out on the live feeds. The BB18 house has a new nominee, as a report from fan site Joker's Updates reveals that Corey Brooks has used the Veto to save himself. Tiffany Rousso, who won the Week 4 Roadkill competition, then had to name a replacement nominee. She went with Da'Vonne Rogers, who is now on the block with Tiffany and Natalie Negrotti for the July 21 eviction ceremony. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, this may turn out to be a huge mistake for Tiffany.

That wasn't the only drama that took place during the Veto ceremony, as the live feeds revealed Tiffany accusing Da'Vonne of "physical violence" in the BB18 house. A report from Joker's Updates states that Da'Vonne accidentally hit Tiffany with her braids following the Veto announcement, but Tiffany was claiming to everyone that it was done on purpose. Tiffany made a huge deal about it, even going to the Diary Room to try to get Da'Vonne removed from the game. It should be interesting to see CBS reveal these Big Brother 18 spoilers during the next episode of the show.

This means that the BB18 house is going to vote to send Tiffany Rousso, Da'Vonne Rogers, or Natalie Negrotti out the front door during the next eviction ceremony. The lady who gets evicted will get to play in the Battle Back competition, giving her a chance to immediately return to the house. CBS is already promoting the special episode of Big Brother 18, which is slated to air on Friday, July 22. All five evicted houseguests (to that point) will compete in a series of challenges to earn a second chance during summer 2016.It now appears that this would have been a perfect opportunity for Tiffany to use the re-nom on James Huling instead of Da'Vonne Rogers. James has a list of houseguests frustrated with him, beginning with Natalie Negrotti, who is upset that James had a hand in getting her best friend (Bronte D'Acquisto) evicted from the game. James has also upset Michelle Meyer, who is convinced that James isn't a very nice person, making several comments in that regard over the past 24 hours. Would Natalie and Michelle have voted against James at the eviction ceremony?The original Eight Pack alliance is in complete shambles, as recent Big Brother 18 spoilers hinted would take place. Meanwhile, several new sub-alliances have really taken hold, starting with Tiffany Rousso and Bridgette Dunning becoming very close in the BB18 house. If Tiffany weren't on the block and about to get evicted, that could be a duo that the rest of the house would have worry about moving forward. Another report from Joker's Updates stated that the pair was commiserating about the rest of the house late on Monday.It's possible that if Bridgette hadn't listened to Frank Eudy about nominating Tiffany that Bronte D'Acquisto could still be in the game. It could also mean that one of the veterans would have already been evicted by now, and yet all four still remain as the BB18 house prepares to evict a fifth houseguest. James is currently working to patch things up with Natalie, so Tiffany also missed an opportunity to really drive a wedge into that showmance. While more Big Brother 18 spoilers could come out in the next 24 hours, it appears very likely that Tiffany's game is done.

[Image via CBS Big Brother/Twitter]