Melania Trump — Potential First Lady To Speak At Republican National Convention

Where has Melania Trump been? That seems to have been the big question as she prepares to take the stage at the Republican National Convention tonight.

In the two months leading up to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, which kicked off today, not much has been seen or heard from Melania Trump, so speculation is high as time ticks down to her appearance at the RNC today.

According to Variety, the evening will have something of a reality television feel; in addition to Melania Trump, who many feel will be introduced by her husband, Donald, Scott Baio, Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame, and Antonio Sabato, Jr. are among the luminaries scheduled to show up and take the stage in Cleveland.

New York Times says that the Republican National Convention is a long way from Slovenia for Melania Trump, born Melanija Knavs, whose original claim to fame as a model saw her hitting runways in Europe and then New York. According to her childhood friend Nena Bedek, Donald Trump is very much like Melania Trump’s father, Viktor, who was a car salesman known for his jocular personality.

While she was once enrolled in architecture school, once the opportunities for modelling came up, Melania Trump was heavily invested in the runway. She lists that she graduated from architecture school on her website, according to New York Times, but according to the same publication, she had dropped out of school.

Her husband Donald Trump ultimately made a day trip visit to Melania Trump’s home country, evading questions from the press about whether she had hoped that her husband would have visited her home town in Slovenia. “I went to Slovenia,” he responded. “The fact that I even went there was very much appreciated.”

Melania Trump’s parents now spend a good part of the year in Manhattan or in Florida with their daughter and their grandson, Barron, now 10. Melania Trump’s parents now have a nice house in Sevnica, but her father’s mechanic said that Viktor Knavs has been troubled by his son-in-law’s inconsistency.

“One time it is this, the other time that,” Melania’s father reportedly told the mechanic, Matej Novsak.

According to Novsak, Melania Trump’s father is also uncertain as to why his son-in-law would even want the presidency, noting that Republicans have not exactly embraced his candidacy.

“‘Why does he have to do it?'” Novsak said Knavs asked.

The American public, though, now knows Melania Trump as a woman willing to defend her man against allegations that he might be a racist or anti-immigrant. According to NPR, she spoke out in a CNN interview about the arguments that perhaps her husband was racist.

“He’s not racist,” Melania Trump said of Donald. “He’s not anti-immigrant. He wants to keep America safe. He wants to have illegal immigrants taken care of, that they will not be in the country, that they don’t pay taxes, that they are are criminals, and that they are not good for the America. He was talking about the illegal immigrant not about everybody.”

As one might expect, immigration is incredibly personal for Melania Trump. Also, if her husband were to ultimately become president, she would be the first First Lady to be the president’s third wife, a supermodel, and someone whose native language was not English. These three factors make Melania Trump a compelling figure as a potential First Lady of the United States.

Katherine Jellison, a professor of history at Ohio University, believes that Melania Trump might be something of a quiet First Lady in much the same vein as Jackie Kennedy Onassis was.

“If history is any guide, she might be sort of a Jackie Kennedy type, a well-dressed woman who will be seen as popular in the women’s magazines but largely stays quiet and on the sidelines in terms of her public image,” Jellison suggested of Melania Trump as First Lady.

Melania Trump has, however, suggested one thing she might help her husband give up.

“Let’s see… Tweeting,” Melania Trump joked.

[Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP Images]