'Most Interesting Man In The World,' Jonathan Goldsmith, Holds Obama Fundraiser

Melissa Stusinski

"The most interesting man in the world" (also known as Jonathan Goldsmith) has officially endorsed Barack Obama, holding a fundraiser for the President in Vermont next week.

For those unfamiliar with the title, Goldsmith is the bearded actor pictured in commercials for Dos Equis beer, and is always pictured on an adventure, reports The New York Daily News.

Goldsmith has developed a cult following for his portrayal in the beer ads. In them, his character is seen performing several outlandishly impressive feats, such as rescuing a bear from a steel trap, swordfighting two men at once, diving for sunken treasure, and flirting with several beautiful women. One ad even claims that:

"Mosquitos refuse to bite him, purely out of respect. He is the most interesting man in the world."

The fit seems perfect for Obama, considering he has recently been outed as a beer lover himself, with campaigns appearances including stops at local watering holes around the country, where he shares a beer with patrons and talks about making a second term.

The Los Angeles Times notes that, despite the fact that Goldsmith is "the most interesting man in the world," Obama will be attending a higher-profile campaign fundraiser where seats are going at $40,000 per plate. The hosts? Beyonce and Jay-z.

As for Johathan Goldsmith's event? Tickets are starting at $20, and will run up to $500. The Vermont Speaker of the House, Shap Smith, will also be in attendance.

Would you go to a campaign event hosted by "the most interesting man in the world"?