Michigan Small Farm Community Rallies Behind The State’s ‘Single Most Important Farming Activist’ As He Battles Lyme

These days, the small farm activist has another fight on his hands: He is battling Lyme disease and the medication that he needs to maintain the most productive life he can is not covered by insurance. Given that Randy has fought so hard for the small farming community for so long, the farming community in Michigan has decided to step up and help Buchler attain the medicine he needs.

“The fact of the matter is – this disease could shutter the farm if the Buchlers can’t be at the helm,” Heather Callaghan with Natural Blaze wrote, pointing readers to Buchler’s GoFundMe page. “The treatment for Lyme is too costly and they need help.”

In order to help Randy pay for his Lyme disease treatment, his friend Seth Bernard has sponsored a GoFundMe campaign on his behalf. If successful, the campaign, according to MSFC, will help keep his unique Michigan farm running and the activist capable of continuing to strongly defend Michiganders’ farming rights.

“Now is the time to pour support back to them and help Randy get the help he so desperately needs and deeply deserves.”

Shady Grove Farm has been described by Callaghan as “a highly efficient, diversified livestock and permaculture operation that provides high quality certified naturally grown products to the community as well as empowering educational opportunities to people of all ages.” The farm, nestled in the Upper Peninsula of the state, is Certified Naturally Grown and Environmentally Verified (MAEAP). Certified Naturally Grown is the label that is the grassroots equivalent of Certified Organic.

Shady Grove Farm U.P. is a Certified Naturally Grown farm- a NON-GOV’T affiliated program, started BY FARMERS for… http://t.co/QhRtQJFLlA

— avant-gardening.com (@createAgarden) November 11, 2013

Buchler and his family raise meat chickens, laying hens, turkey, rabbits, and wool sheep. He also cares for bees and grows berries, herbs, medicinal plants, plants to be used for natural dyes, and other produce.

Michigan Small Farm Council reached out to its online community to help their unsung activist.

“Randy Buchler is the single most important person currently defending small farm rights in Michigan. In 2012 he won a Right to Farm case that allowed him to continue to farm in Forsyth Township, and in the same year helped found the Michigan Small Farm Council. Later he worked to help Mark Baker keep his heritage pigs, despite the ‘feral pig’ designation imposed on his farm animals by the DNR. And, he almost single handedly runs his own farm with chickens, rabbits, sheep, hogs – not to mention veggies – and educates all comers on how to live and farm sustainably.”

Backyard Chicken Keepers of Michigan called the activist “a real Champion for Michigan small farms” while posting online asking for the community to help out this man who reportedly tirelessly helps others. Hundreds within the farming community have stepped up to either share the fundraiser on social media or financially support Buchler.

Members of the Michigan small farming community united to participate in the featured video above in order to help support Buchler battle the wrath of Lyme disease. In just 12 days, 103 people came together to financially support Buchler. He’s still just under three-quarters funded for the medication he needs to stay productive, but the response from the small farming community has been very strong and positive.

To get to know Buchler, Michigan small farmers’ most important activist, you can also watch the video below from 2012 in which he discussed his own personal Michigan Right-to-Farm case between his family and with the Forsyth Township, which he eventually won.

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