Don Lemon Cuts To Commercial As Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke Becomes Fed Up CNN Interview

Don Lemon cuts to commercial as Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke becomes completely fed up during the CNN interview. The County Sheriff said during the heated interview that he predicted the recent police shootings in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, that killed three police officers and wounded several others.

Don Lemon invited Sheriff Clarke on to speak on air on CNN about the recent surge in anti-police violence just hours after the devastating shooting in Louisiana. The conversation got off to a rocky start.

Lemon began the interview by asking Clarke what his message was to American citizens in the wake of another attack on police just about a week after the police shootings in Dallas.

“I’ve been watching this for two years. I’ve predicted this.”

“This anti-police rhetoric sweeping the country has turned out some hateful things inside of people that are now playing themselves out on the American police officer.”

Clarke blamed the Black Lives Matter movement for inspiring violent crimes against law enforcement officers according to CNN, calling the group “purveyors of hate.”

The CNN anchor pressed Clarke for specifics, but the sheriff did not offer any. After a few more exchanges, the audience could feel the tension between the two while their debate pressed on. At one point, Lemon even asked Clarke to “… keep the vibe down here. So I understand, and, listen…”

Don Lemon tried to diffuse the tense situation, but Clarke clearly came to say his piece. Clarke disrespects, over-talks and interrupts Lemon to point out that he “predicted” that cops would be harmed because of the movement.

Later in the interview, Lemon and Clarke butted heads on whether data shows that police are more aggressive toward black males than white males. Towards the end, Clarke said that Lemon was refusing to respond to his points.

“The reason I don’t have a response is that we’re having two different conversations.”

“I’m asking the questions here, you’re answering the questions by asking questions about some other subject that we’re not discussing. That is not a conversation.”

Don Lemon promptly cut to the end of the interview at that point, thanking the Sheriff politely for being there but it was pretty clear the interview had probably been cut off.

When Clarke began discussing a series of strong points, Lemon seemed unprepared for Clarke’s statements and had the network cut to commercial.

The Twitterverse had a lot to say about the lively interview.

Don Lemon was quoted on Friday, July 15, that the Black Lives Matter protesters need to grow up.

“Listen, I know that Black Lives Matter was formed out of anger. But now they are at the table. And their tactics need to change.

“They need to grow up and start listening.”

The CNN host also publicly defended Hillary Clinton and named her as an ally.

“Hillary Clinton is an ally. Nothing says black lives don’t matter than shouting down an ally. She wants to help. She’s open. She may very well be the next leader of the free world. You don’t want to shout that person down. You want that person in your corner to take care of your issues.”

Lemon’s message to the brash group came after activists disrupted a Hillary Clinton campaign event, ignoring calls to quiet down from civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis, the Blaze reports. After the commotion, Lemon felt the need to speak up, which is likely what prompted his interview with Sheriff David Clarke.

The CNN interview has caused some heated debates over social media since the interview aired on Sunday night.

Don Lemon continues to stand by his original statement in that he is a neutral party and an impartial reporter when it came to The Black Lives Matter Movement.

“I am neither a member of Black Lives Matter; I’m neither a supporter, nor someone who doesn’t support them. I simply report on Black Lives Matter.”

Check out this video to see the Don Lemon’s interview with Milwaukee Sheriff, David Clarke. Do you think that the CNN interview was abruptly ended?

[Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Stringer/Getty Images]