June 29, 2017
Is Jeremy Calvert Engaged To Girlfriend Brooke Wehr? 'Teen Mom 2' Star Shares A New Photo From Bed

Jeremy Calvert teased his Instagram fans of an upcoming marriage to Brooke Wehr just weeks ago, but according to a new report, the Teen Mom 2 star isn't engaged quite yet.

While Jeremy Calvert recently spoke of his ideal honeymoon destination, a source claims he and Wehr haven't changed their relationship status at all.

"[Jeremy Calvert] is not engaged right now, no," a source told Real Mr Housewife last week. "No one knows why that rumor is going around... There is no engagement at this time. That's simply a rumor and it's not true."

Jeremy Calvert began dating Brooke Wehr in early 2015 after splitting from his former wife, Leah Messer. However, rather than expose his relationship with Wehr during Seasons 6 and 7 of Teen Mom 2, he chose to keep things private until one of the final episodes of Season 7. Meanwhile, he and Messer continued to be at odds.

During Teen Mom 2 Season 7, Jeremy Calvert was targeted by Messer who slammed his parenting on multiple occasions. During one of the final episodes of the show, Messer complained about Jeremy Calvert's decision to leave his daughter with his parents as he traveled to pick up the young daughter of Wehr. According to Messer, Adalynn, 3, wasn't being treated fairly by her father, who spent tons of time with Wehr's daughter while his time with Adalynn was reportedly less frequent.

During the reunion for Season 7, Messer's allegations against Calvert continued, and when Dr. Drew asked her if she struggled to get Jeremy Calvert involved in their daughter's life, she confirmed that was the case.

Although Jeremy Calvert has faced shocking allegations from his former wife, he has remained silent about their issues and has chosen instead to focus on his love for Adalynn and Wehr.

"God I love this girl...... @bwehr10, sorry babe I had to sneak a pic. P.s I love the messy hair look.... lol," Jeremy Calvert captioned a photo on Instagram on July 17.

In response, Wehr wrote, "Haha it was a very long weekend of Jamboree. This girl needed a nap... love you."

Jeremy Calvert also recently shared a photo of Adalynn and told fans he couldn't wait to get back to her after his current job assignment was complete.

While Messer has faced allegations of being hung up on her ex-husband, she claimed they were on the same page during filming on Season 7, despite his relationship with Wehr. On Twitter, Messer went on an elaborate rant against producers of the MTV series, claiming they made it look as if she was the one courting Jeremy Calvert when he was allegedly in on the action as well.

"Leah wrote that because the show cut out everything on Jeremy's side," an industry source told People Magazine at the time. "He was the one who was begging her to come back and to give him another chance. He was the one that coordinated the date and to try to make it work."

"The show was edited to make it seem like she was the one doing it and didn't show anything about [Jeremy Calvert], and she wanted to set the record straight," the source added.

Following the allegedly edited scene, Messer had taken to Twitter where she told fans that she was 99.9 percent sure her and Jeremy Calvert's feelings were mutual and labeled Teen Mom 2 a "fake a** TV show."

Jeremy Calvert is not expected to return to Teen Mom 2 for Season 8.

[Photo via Jeremy Calvert/Twitter]