Joseline Hernandez Pregnant: ‘LHHATL’ Star Sporting Baby Bump In Photo Posted By Trainer

Joseline Hernandez recently told fans that she is pregnant with Stevie J’s baby. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star was immediately met with criticism and doubt about any possibility that she was actually pregnant. Instead, many believed that any pregnancy news shared by Joseline was about as real as all the other stories she told during Season 5 of the hit VH1 show, but now it’s starting to look like Hernandez finally told the truth.

Joseline’s trainer Jason Lobdell posted a picture on Instagram on Sunday with a caption that read, “Yo pregnant a** gonna run this mile today tho.” Joseline Hernandez is wearing a workout bra and leggings in the photo and her belly is definitely growing. Not to mention that Lobdell commented on her pregnancy in his caption but there’s always a possibility that he is in on the joke with her too, right?

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star posted a picture of her belly last week and no one believed her. It didn’t help that she was still at that point where it could be a baby bump or a really big lunch. Soon after, Joseline posted a video and revealed her midsection in it. She was still looking puffy but not undeniably pregnant so many fans figured they would just wait and see if she really starts to show soon or not.

Fans had every right to question Joseline Hernandez’ pregnancy news after what has been seen so far during Season 5 of LHHATL. The Puerto Rican Princess has been in the middle of some pretty big scandals including telling Mimi Faust that Stevie J had two more babies out there that he wasn’t telling her about.

There was even more disbelief that Joseline is pregnant after she posted pictures on her way to an event. The skintight lace outfit that Joseline Hernandez was wearing didn’t seem to make her look pregnant at all, drawing a lot of comments about the possibility that her pregnancy was being faked.

There is also the campaign Joseline has been on to destroy Stevie J since their break up. It all came to a head in the last week when Stevie finally filed a restraining order to keep her away. He kept silent through rumors that he watched gay adult films but couldn’t sit still when Joseline began telling people that he molested his own daughter.

If it turns out that Joseline Hernandez is really pregnant with Stevie J’s baby, fans will certainly be in store for much more drama. Joseline already swore that Stevie would never know this baby in the same Twitter rant where she outed Stevie over the molestation allegations.

“Listen you less of a man literally. I never asked you for anything #Steviej DNA test don’t lie…… You are a worth less son of a b***h! You know you are the daddy of this baby. But thank god you are disclaiming the baby,” Joseline tweeted in the rant against Stevie.

Does this mean Joseline Hernandez is pregnant and she is telling the truth? Time still will tell since the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star is known to go to great lengths to keep a lie going just as fans witnessed when the Promise B. Mae story played out in recent episodes of the VH1 hit.

Do you think Joseline Hernandez is really pregnant or is she just going to great lengths to carry out more revenge against Stevie J? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]