Madden NFL 10: Review Round-up

Madden NFL 10 landed today across North America, Europe, and Australia for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, and PSP. We’ve no doubt that sales will keep EA in gold leaf toilet paper for the rest of the decade, and we know it can tell the future, but what did the critics make of it? Let’s copy and paste some words from other people to find out!

IGN (full review here) is first up, praising EA’s efforts in producing a football game with such hefty amounts of content:

“Madden NFL 10 packs a lot of football under its 60 dollar price tag. While some of the modes don’t perform as well as I’d like, every football fan will still be able to latch on to something for months of fun. The graphics have taken a nice step forward fromMadden 09 and the presentation does a wonderful job of emulating the experience of watching a game on Sunday.”8.9 / 10

Gamespot’s (full review here) generally positive assessment felt that the game benefited from EA’s choice to go back to basics. Still only a 7.5, though:

“There’s a real sense that EA wants to get back to the fundamentals of football with Madden NFL 10, and many of the changes it has made in that respect are good ones. The running game feels great, and the passing game is much improved over previous iterations. The Pro-Tak system works just about as well as you’d want it to, and the inclusion of online franchises (while featuring some dubious options) is a pretty good reason to dive into this year’s game.”7.5 / 10

1UP (full review here) observes that Madden NFL 10 is slower than in previous titles, and more strategic as a result:

“Online or off, playing with real people makes it clear that with Madden 10, the game on the field has started to change and it’s not just from being slowed down a little. Football fundamentals matter now. Successful plays come from knowing the situation, calling the right play, making a good pre-snap read, and then executing — the same criteria that determines the outcome in a real game.”B grade

G4 (full review here) simply thought it was one of the best football games… EVAR:

“Madden NFL 10 isn’t perfect, but it’s deeper, more challenging, and more realistic than ever before, and more so than nearly any other football game. This is a whole lot of game, and it should keep football fans everywhere very occupied for the next twelve months.”4 / 5