Watch 2016 Republican National Convention Live Online: Where To Find Full Streaming Video From Start To Finish

Viewers who want to watch the Republican National Convention this week but aren’t able to get to a television will be in luck, with streaming video available for anyone who wants to watch the convention live online.

After an unlikely run from long-shot political outsider to the top of the party, Donald Trump is looking forward to one week of unity among his party and some powerful backers speaking in favor of him. The slate for the Republican National Convention includes some big names within the party, a few outsiders (including Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame), and a total of five Trumps (Eric, Donald Jr., Ivanka, Melania, and finally, Donald Sr. himself) speaking in prime time slots.

A full list of speakers and themes for each day of the Republican National Convention can be found here.

Live streaming video of the Republican National Convention can be found below.

Viewers who watch the Republican National Convention live online will be seeing plenty of drama. The anti-Donald Trump faction of delegates, which had tried on a few occasions to gain enough support to dump him from the nomination but failed in every attempt, may be planning to make even more noise.

A new movement to unbind delegates has gathered enough signatures to force a floor vote on Monday. Though it’s not likely to be successful in getting Trump kicked out of the nomination, it shows that there is still widespread opposition to him even within the Republican Party.

“Despite every obstacle thrown in our way, the movement of all the stakeholders involved in this effort have gained a majority of the delegates in 10 states,” said M. Dane Waters, co-founder of Delegates Unbound, in a statement (via the Weekly Standard). “Now we take this fight to the floor.”

But even if the effort fails, it may put on display the delegates who are willing to go against the will of voters for their districts to oppose Donald Trump.

Aside from what could be a minor headache for Trump, the convention is expected to be a high point of his largely troubled campaign to date. Trump has fumbled through a series of missteps and controversies, which have often overshadowed the mistakes from his own opponent, Hillary Clinton.

That was the case earlier this month, when the FBI announced that they would not be recommending charges against Hillary Clinton for her unauthorized use of a private email server during her time as Secretary of State. Though Clinton escaped charges, she received a stinging assessment from FBI director James Comey, who took Clinton to task for her careless use of the email that could have put American secrets at risk

It seemed a golden opportunity for Trump, but he instead stole the news cycle from under Clinton later that day when he appeared to praise Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

With those mistakes behind him, Trump is hoping that the convention could give him an entire week of good press, potentially vaulting him into the lead over Clinton in national polls.

Those who want to watch the Republican National Convention live online will have a few choices. The RNC itself is offering an official app that includes all the information anyone would need, from a full schedule of speakers to their bios and even a floor map of the convention itself.

“The app is pretty thorough. We wanted to make sure it’s pretty seamless, whether you are in Cleveland or not,” said Samantha Osborne, the RNC’s digital director, in an interview with CNET.

Twitter and CBS News have also come together to offer live streaming coverage of both the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention later this month.

“Twitter is the fastest way to find out what’s happening in politics and to have a discussion about it,” said Anthony Noto, Twitter’s chief financial officer, in a release from PRNewswire. “By bringing the live discussion of the Republican and Democratic national conventions together with CBSN’s live video stream of the proceedings, we believe we’re giving people around the world the best way to experience democracy in action.”

Those who want to watch the Republican National Convention live online will also be able to turn to C-SPAN, which offers the chance to watch live or to see videos from earlier in the day.

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