Is Arroyo playing with fire?

Cincinnati Reds’ Pitcher Bronson Arroyo recently admitted that he used Andro and amphetamines in 2004 before they were officially placed on the MLB banned list. While there is no word yet if he was one of the unnamed 103 MLB players who tested positive for Performance Enhancing Drugs in 2003, Arroyo says he will continue using supplements regardless if they are on the MLB list of approved supplements or not. In his defense at the very least Arroyo is willing to not only talk about, put apparently talk honestly about what he is doing.

Arroyo has stated that on nay given day he is taking 10 to 12 supplements that include; Creatine, Triflex, and XELR8. Most of these product can be found at a local vitamin store, but Arroyo also says there are 4 other supplements taken each day he actually pitches.

It seems that Arroyo is playing a dangerous game here, some of these supplements have been known to trigger positive drug tests, and if everything he is taking is above the level why risk a 50 game suspension taking stuff that may cause a positive drug test? It seems Arroyo would rather take these supplements and pitch well while risking a suspension that could severely damage the success of his team.

More to the point isn’t this really cheating anyway? By taking 14 to 16 pills on a day when he is scheduled to pitch really cheating? Is he not enhancing his performance?