General Manager Reveals To Kick Off Tonight’s ‘WWE Raw’: Daniel Bryan To Be Named ‘SmackDown’ GM?

On last week’s Raw, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon announced that Shane McMahon would be the commissioner of SmackDown, while Stephanie McMahon would be the commissioner of Raw. The Chairman also said that both Shane and Stephanie would need to name a general manager for their respective shows, and they needed to reveal their general manager picks on tonight’s Raw.

According to WWE’s official Twitter page, Shane and Stephanie’s GM picks will be revealed in the opening segment of tonight’s Raw show. So, we won’t have to sit through an entire three-hour show just to figure out who will be running Raw and SmackDown following Tuesday’s draft.

There has been a ton of speculation surrounding who the GMs will end up being with names like Eric Bischoff, Paul Heyman, Adam “Edge” Copeland, and even Kurt Angle having been thrown around. But, according to Forbes, none of those men will end being a general manager for either brand.

Anthony Dimoro, who is a contributor to Forbes, claims that he has a source within WWE that has told him former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan will be revealed as the general manager of SmackDown. Of course, this has been the rumor ever since last Monday’s Raw, after WWE accidentally posted an update on their mobile app which suggested that Bryan will be named the show’s general manager.

“According to numerous reports and my own source, the SmackDown General Manager will be recently-retired Daniel Bryan.”

Bryan, of course, officially closed the door on his professional wrestling career this past February, and he’s stayed away from WWE ever since then. But, it appears that he’s ready to get back into the mix, as he’s been extremely involved in WWE’s cruiserweight invitational tournament.

WWE’s goal is to make SmackDown equal to Raw, which is why they’re doing the brand split. So, with that being the goal, Daniel Bryan is a great choice to be the show’s GM because he’s one of the most popular and likable stars that WWE has had over the last decade.

As for who the Raw general manager will be, well, the common belief is that it’ll end up being Triple H, who hasn’t been on WWE television since he dropped the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 32.

Triple H WWE Raw
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There was some speculation surrounding Triple H’s draft status over the last couple of weeks, as some people thought that he would be eligible for the draft. But, it appears that “The Game” won’t be one of the superstars who’s eligible for the draft, which kills some of the fan theories which suggested that Shane McMahon would draft his brother-in-law to SmackDown.

According to Forbes, there are a couple of other big names who may end up being the Raw GM if Triple H isn’t put in that position, and one of them is the aforementioned Eric Bischoff, who has recently teased a return to WWE on his Twitter page. Furthermore, during last week’s Ross Report podcast, Bischoff said that he would jump at the chance to return to WWE, no matter what their offer was.

Another name that’s come up is former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Kane, who has sporadically appeared as an authority figure on WWE television over the last two years.

As of this writing, no really knows for sure who the Raw general manager will end up being. Of course, WWE could end up throwing us a curveball, and name someone that no one saw coming. But, as previously mentioned, the common belief is that Triple H will be named as the Raw general manager, which will mean that we’ll get somewhat of a continuation of the Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan storyline that started back in 2013.

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