‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Julian Takes Big Hits, Chaos Erupts On Cassadine Island, Alexis Faces Questions, And Rachel Battles To Help Finn

General Hospital spoilers tease that Monday’s episode will be jam-packed with action. Theo is causing chaos on Cassadine Island with Nikolas, Ava, Jason, and Sam, while Julian will be pleading for understanding from Lucas. Dante, Lulu, Laura, and Kevin are on the island in the midst of the Cassadine drama now as well, and things will be explosive as this all plays out. Finn has people scrambling to help him, and the Davis ladies will be having some difficult discussions. What else is on the way with this July 18 show?

According to We Love Soaps, Ava will be uncovering something of Helena’s on Cassadine Island that could shake things up. In addition, things take a dramatic turn with Theo’s presence. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Theo, who is actually Valentin Cassadine, will be pulling a gun and bringing in some henchmen as he takes control of things on the island. He will be holding onto Sam and demands everybody else’s cooperation. Just what is it he is trying to accomplish, and who will be fighting for their life as this plays out?

Kristina and Molly will be by Alexis’ side as she works to recover from the drama she experienced during her battle with Julian. General Hospital spoilers tease, however, that the trio may soon be having an awkward talk as Kristina finds a pregnancy test and everybody wonders which of the Davis ladies is pregnant. Will Alexis truly be pregnant after all despite the menopause story she had a while back? Could Molly be pregnant, or will it play out that none of the Davis ladies are with child?

Julian is still recovering and doesn’t exactly have much of anybody lending their support at this point. General Hospital spoilers note that Lucas will pay his father a visit and make it clear where he stands. These two may have forged a strong father-and-son bond after years apart, but Lucas is furious with his father and is ready to cut ties. Can Julian convince him to give him another chance?

Rachel and Tracy are both anxious to help Finn as he scrambles to get his hands on the medicine he needs, and General Hospital spoilers detail that Rachel will turn to her mother Naomi for help. As SheKnows Soaps shares, Rachel will try to guilt her mother into helping her, but Naomi may not play along all that easily. The buzz is that having Naomi back in Port Charles will spark more regarding the theory that Rachel and Elizabeth are sisters. Of course, Viewers are anxious to see where this heads.

Olivia will be confronting Julian, and General Hospital spoilers tease that she cut off contact between him and Leo. Not only is Julian now facing a life without the support of any of his children, as Sam will surely be cutting him off over what he did to Alexis as well, but his health will take another turn. He is desperate and will seemingly try to eliminate the evidence against him, and it is said that Carlos’ ghost will be making a reappearance later in the week. Will Julian find a way to turn things around somehow?

Viewers will see a bit of Finn and Sonny together during Monday’s show as Finn admits that he needs something from Sonny. General Hospital spoilers detail, however, that this will not be an entirely friendly conversation. As the week continues, the two men will make a deal, and the chaos on Cassadine Island will continue.

Where do things head with Alexis and Julian? How will things play out on Cassadine Island? What is the truth behind Finn’s mysterious illness? General Hospital spoilers tease that there are major twists on the way, and fans cannot wait to see what happens next.

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