Amanda Lewis, Convicted Florida Child Killer, And Former Texas Beauty Queen, Rhonda Glover, Speak With Piers Morgan On ‘Killer Women’ On Investigation Discovery

Amanda Lewis, a convicted child killer, and former Texas beauty queen Rhonda Glover will discuss their stories on an episode of Killer Women With Piers Morgan. Last week, the Inquisitr brought you the story of teen killer Erin Caffey, which premiered on the Investigation Discovery (ID) channel. This time, Piers Morgan will visit Texas and Florida prisons to speak to Amanda Lewis, who was found guilty of killing her 7-year-old daughter, and Rhonda Glover, who was said to have shot and killed her rich lover in their Texas home.

Did Amanda Lewis Drown Her Daughter, Adrianna Hutto, In The Family Pool?

Amanda Lewis was accused and convicted of killing her 7-year-old daughter, Adrianna Hutto. In August, 2007, 911 operators received a frantic call from Amanda Lewis, stating that her daughter had fallen in the pool and wasn’t breathing. When investigators arrived at the home in Esto, Florida, they found Amanda crying hysterically and her daughter deceased. At first, Adrianna Hutto’s death was believed to be accidental, until her little brother, 6-year-old, AJ, came forward, stating that his mother had killed her.

Amanda Lewis was a single mom raising her two kids in the small town of Esto. In the interview with Piers Morgan, she’ll talk about how happy they were in the safe, calm town. But her life ended after her daughter’s death, something that she has denied having any part in since her arrest.

According to her, she had taken a nap after working the night shift as a nurse’s assistant, when she was called outside by AJ, who stated that Adrianna was in the pool. When she rushed outside, she found Adrianna face down in the pool, and her lips were purple. According to ABC News, Amanda Lewis tells her side of what happened on that fateful, hot summer day.

“She was a happy child. She was very outgoing, very hyper… She looked like me, she act like me, she was headstrong like me… She was like my walking shadow. He was quiet. He could sit in the corner and play by his self and be content and happy. I told them that we couldn’t get in the pool today because we were getting ready to go. So they wanted to go outside and play for a few minutes while I got everything ready.He said, ‘Mama, Adrianna is in the pool.’ At first I thought he meant maybe she was by the pool and I said, ‘OK, well, tell her to come in.'”

Amanda’s supporters say there was a rush to judgment based on the testimony of a little boy with only circumstantial evidence to back it up. The case has also been examined by some legal experts who believe that the autopsy report was faulty. For her daughter’s tragic death, Amanda Lewis was sentenced to life in prison by a Florida jury.

Beauty Queen Kills Rich Oil Millionaire In Texas

Rhonda Glover was a gorgeous former beauty queen in Texas who shot and killed her 55-year-old millionaire lover, Texas oilman Jimmy Joste. They say it was a whirlwind love affair. Rhonda Glover was sexy and passionate, and Jimmy Joste was mesmerized by her. Joste, often remembered as the life of the party and the perfect host, according to an entry at FindAGrave, was willing to give Rhonda anything she wanted and often lavished her with the most expensive gifts, according to the book Fatal Beauty by Burl Barer.

But the handsome couple had many problems in their relationship. Rhonda Glover was bipolar, and it was difficult to deal with her different mood swings. Their rocky relationship came to a head one night in July, 2004, when Rhonda Glover took a gun a shot Jimmy Joste ten times. A BlogTalkRadio post briefly describes the incident in this manner.

“After pumping ten bullets into him from a Glock 9mm, she stood over Joste’s blood-splattered body and shot him six more times—twice below the waist. According to Rhonda, Joste was violent, abusive, and had threatened her life.”

Rhonda Glover claims it was an act of self-defense. But authorities say she was a pretty but ruthless killer. The case was shocking and reeked of sex, blood, and money. Some interesting details that stand out about the case was that Rhonda accused her lover of being a sex-crazed, drug-loving maniac, according to the Mirror.

  • Rhonda says he was a devil worshiper.
  • Joste had a violent and explosive temper.
  • Sex was a strong component in their relationship.
  • Joste had a perverse sexual appetite.

A Texas jury sentenced her to 46 years in prison. In the interview with Piers Morgan, Rhonda Glover, an aging beauty who now walks with a cane, will say that she is innocent of murder and that a lot of lies have been told about the way Jimmy Joste’s death went down.

To get the latest on these convicted female killers, watch Killer Women With Piers Morgan on Tuesday, July 19, at 8 p.m. on ID. This week, Investigation Discovery is unveiling another hit crime TV series, titled The Coroner: I Speak For The Dead.

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