Marvel Comics’ New Villain Looks Remarkably Like Donald Trump

Marvel Comics is a company that continuously changes the landscape of entertainment with their effect on the movie world and the world of comic books. According to Comic Book, Marvel Comics has recently used the likeness of Donald Trump as a villain in one of the story arcs for an alternate timeline series.

In the Spider-Gwen Annual #1 that had just been recently released, an alternate version of Donald Trump appeared on the pages of Marvel Comics’ latest panels in a spin on the villainous MODOK, a villain that notable has a gigantic head and tiny hands. In Marvel Comics’ alternate timeline, a timeline wherein Gwen Stacy gains the Spider bite and powers that Peter Parker is known to have, Donald Trump becomes the villainous MODAAK, the Mental Organism Designed As America’s King.

The Trump-like Marvel Comics character yells exposition that uncannily similar to controversies that have circulated the presidential candidate. MODAAK yells to a female Captain America, telling her to get back on her feet and also calling her “foreign filth.” The issue was created by Marvel Comics writer Jason Latour and features short stories by other artists.

If there is one thing that Marvel Comics is most noted for, it is to change the lineup of one of the most recognizable flagship superhero groups in the company: the Avengers. According to Blastr, the new Avengers lineup that Marvel Comics has planned goes very well with the Fourth of July theme.

Marvel Comics has revealed the official title of the team to be the U.S. Avengers and the team will apparently be playing a big role during the fallout of the ongoing Civil War II event that the publication is currently doing. The new Avengers team will spin out Roberto Da Costa’s new look AIM and be positioned to replace SHIELD after the spy organization loses America’s trust. Marvel Comics’ writer Al Ewing revealed that the story is a great chance to dig into the motivations of Roberto Da Costa as a character in the story arc.

“He came to America in his teens, and, as both an actual and fictional minority, a South American mutant, he’s experienced the ugly side of it. But he’s seen the best of America, too. He has an absolute love for his adopted country, and he’ll fight to the end to save lives and help people.”

The new Avengers team lineup will feature Marvel Comics’ heroes like the all new Iron Patriot, Thunderbolt Ross, and his Red Hulk, Cannonball, the unbeatable Squirrel Girl and her legion of squirrels, and of course, Roberto Da Costa.

With the big event that is currently happening at Marvel Comics, there will be some drastic changes to the publication. The event in question is the Civil War II story arc. Back in 2006, huge changes happened to Marvel Comics with deaths and friendships torn left and right. According to Morning News USA, the biggest change in Marvel Comics is happening with the possibility of a defeated Iron Man in the wake of Civil War II.

The irony in the possible result of the story arc is that during the first Marvel Civil War, Tony Stark survived the arc albeit with some dire consequences that he had to face. The first Civil War pitted Marvel Comics’ finest heroes, Captain America and Iron Man, against each other in a battle of two opposite beliefs. The current Civil War is no different, as it pits Iron Man against another Marvel Comics titan: Captain Marvel. The war in question also happens thanks to contradicting philosophies, with losses and grave consequences being felt by both sides of the war. The arc is currently on the third issue, but the cover for issue No. 7 of the Marvel story has been revealed, showing Captain Marvel looking dominant and facing the sky as she carries a possibly defeated Iron Man.

[Photo by AP Photo/Steve Helber]