John Barrowman Shares His Favorite ‘Doctor Who’ Doctor

This is a topic that is widely debated between Doctor Who fans. Just who is your favorite Doctor from the show from the very beginning? Every Whovian has their favorite, and that includes Arrow actor John Barrowman.

According to the former Doctor Who actor, he thinks David Tennant has been the best. He could be a little biased, considering he spent most of his time playing Captain Jack Harkness when Tennant was in the role (although he did start when Christopher Eccleston had reignited the show in 2005). Barrowman also says that he was in one of the greatest seasons of the entire show.

Barrowman has gone down as one of the best companions for the Doctor, with Billie Piper’s Rose Tyler just ahead of him. It makes sense that he would believe the best Doctor was the one who helped to really bring his character alive. Barrowman was believed to have died by the Daleks by Eccleston’s Doctor, who didn’t have the chance to find out the truth because he had to absorb the power from the TARDIS from Billie and use one of his regenerations to save her. Barrowman’s character later turned up by jumping into the TARDIS’ time stream to prove that he was very much alive.

The recent seasons of Doctor Who are not the only episodes Barrowman has ever seen. Tennant News reports that he failed his Monday morning spelling tests because he would watch the show on Chicago TV when it originally aired. He enjoyed watching John Pertwee and then Tom Baker every Sunday night.

“If I could go back and relive one moment in my life, I’d go to the moment I got the job as Captain Jack [above] in Doctor Who.”

Barrowman never thought back then that he would get the chance to play a role on the show. Even when he walked in for the audition for Captain Jack, he wasn’t certain he’d get it. It was his entrance in his leathers after just stepping off his motorbike that helped him secure the role. He proved himself to be every bit the rogue Captain Jack needed to be. Barrowman says that his life changed forever when he got the call to say that he had got the part.

The Scottish-born actor is certainly not the only person who believes Tennant is the best Doctor Doctor Who has ever seen. Digital Spy says that the people love him because he was able to bring the humanity to the role, which is something nobody else was fully able to do before him. He dared to take the role to the next level, which was arguably possible because he remained in the role for so long.

The only reprisal Doctor who has done something similar is Matt Smith, who took over the role after Tennant. While he was still somewhat human, he had been able to bring the alien elements back and bring about a good meld of the two worlds.

However, Digital Spy puts Patrick Troughton in the top spot. The second Doctor is the one that every actor who takes on the role says inspired them, whether to act or to take on the role of the Doctor. While William Hartnell was able to create the Doctor, Troughton made him the person/alien he is known as right now. Even executive producer Steven Moffat says that Troughton laid down the rules for Doctor Who and his character.

“Patrick lays down the central rules for the character [and] Doctor Who doesn’t change much afterwards. You don’t tamper with perfection.”

Who is your favorite Doctor on the show? Does Barrowman have it right with Tennant, or is one of the other stars of Doctor Who your favorite? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Photo by Handout/Getty Images]