‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Steffy Blasts Quinn, Nicole And Zende Connect, And Liam Prepares For The Spencer Summit

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that a juicy episode is on the way for fans on Monday. Steffy busted Quinn for sneaking around Forrester Creations in a disguise, but little does she know that her mother-in-law has a big secret that would really shake things up. Eric has appointed himself as the new CEO of Forrester, but not everybody is wild about the idea. The July 18 show also brings some time with Nicole and Zende, and there is a big week of action ahead.

As We Love Soaps details, Steffy will go on quite the rampage after seeing Quinn sneaking around Forrester Creations. Previews show Steffy ranting at Quinn, telling her that any hope she may have had at becoming a member of the family is completely gone. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Eric will be pulled into this confrontation, and this is where things will get quite interesting.

Obviously, Eric does not want anybody in the family or at the company to know about his affair with Quinn. He will be pushed to take sides as he is dragged into this confrontation, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers note that when pushed, he will take Steffy’s side in this argument in order to keep his secret under wraps. It has become rather clear that Quinn’s interest in Eric is something of a scheme where she thinks she can wriggle her way into the Forrester family despite Steffy’s disdain for her, but accomplishing her goal will be no easy task.

Bill has told Liam and Wyatt that he needs them to head to the Spencer Summit in Monte Carlo and Steffy is expected to go with them. Things have been quite tense between Liam, Wyatt, and Bill in recent weeks, and this summit sets the stage for plenty of awkward moments. According to Soap Central, Liam and Steffy will spend some time during Monday’s show talking about the trip ahead, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that some tender moments emerge as the two talk. Will this trip end up paving the way for the two to reunite at last?

Viewers have not seen much of Nicole and Zende lately, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers note that the two will be back during this next show. They will be sharing some romantic moments, and Zende will tell Nicole that he never felt about “her” the way he feels about Nic. He is surely referencing Sasha during this chat, and it sounds as if these two are ready to get serious.

As the week continues, Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease that Zende will have a gift for Nicole, and the two will finally make love. Brooke and Ridge will lean on one another in the wake of their respective family dramas, and viewers will see Thomas and Caroline spending more time together as well. Brooke will try to step up to lend Katie a hand as she battles back against Bill, but that doesn’t mean that things are smoothed over between these two siblings. In addition, the estranged spouses will have an intense confrontation at the end of the week.

Folks will prepare to head to Monte Carlo for the Spencer Summit, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease that Quinn will decide that she needs to be there as well. Deacon will try to talk her out of it, but it looks like she will show up and this will surely lead to chaos. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that there are wild moments on the way, and viewers will not miss a minute of the action on the way as all of this drama plays out.

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