Woman Having Risky Sex Decapitated By Train

A woman having sex near some railroad lines near the Mongolian border in western Russia was suddenly interrupted when a passing train decapitated her, leaving her lifeless beside her partner. The horrific accident was then used by Russian Railways, the company that operates railroads throughout Russia, to warn people about the dangers associated with being too near railroad lines.

The Siberian Times reported on July 14 that a couple having sex beside the tracks near a railroad station in Zaudinsky (a suburb of the capital of the Republic of Buryatia, Ulan-Ude) were suddenly and violently interrupted by an oncoming train. The pair, neither of whom have been identified, were inebriated, according to officials. The woman was apparently decapitated by the train when she stood up.

A source described the incident to the Baikal Daily, which originally ran the story.

“The woman was on top of her partner and when she heard an approaching train, she started to stand up. Right then, the speeding train tore her head off.”

The outlet added, “Had she remained in her previous position, she would have stayed alive. The man survived.”

Russian Railways used the gory accident of the homeless woman being decapitated to highlight risky behavior near its railroad tracks.

It issued a statement that read, in part, “Dear citizens, Russian Railways yet again ask you to respect health and safety rules. Be responsible and take care of yourself and your family and friends.”

It is quite uncommon for someone to meet their death in such a manner. Still, being killed by a train while doing something out of the ordinary has occurred before.

Back in 2010, a man seeking to experience a famed “ghost train” was struck and killed by an actual train. According to the Telegraph, 29-year-old Christopher Kaiser was on a train trestle in Statesville, North Carolina, with about a dozen “ghost hunter” friends on the anniversary of a deadly train crash. They were hoping to hear sounds of a legendary “ghost train” that crashed in 1891, killing 30 people. Local legend had it that the train whistle and the screams of the passengers plummeting into the ravine could still be heard each year on the anniversary of the crash.

But instead of the “ghost train,” Kaiser and his friends were suddenly caught out on the 150-foot trestle when a real train — three locomotives long — came around a bend in the railroad. According to witnesses, as Kaiser and company attempted to flee off the lengthy trestle, he actually pushed one woman to safety at the last moment. She fell some 30 feet and was later treated for injuries.

Only one other person was injured at the scene. Kaiser’s death was investigated as an accident.

And even the most healthy and fit have succumbed to accidents on railroad tracks. As the Los Angeles Times reported early last year, reality star Greg Pitt, a West Point grad, former Army Ranger, and TV bodybuilder, was struck by a train while trying to film action shots for his workout, nutrition, and motivational website. It was a place he was familiar with as well, friends said, and the train tracks were a place where he had filmed on various occasions.

“He just made a mistake,” one friend admitted.

According to NPR, 443 people were killed by passing trains in 2013 in the United States, with 400 dying on average each year. That 2013 number is additional to the number of fatalities associated with vehicles colliding with trains, which stood at 232 for the same calendar year, according to the Federal Railroad Administration. There were 2,102 collisions in 2013 where a vehicle was struck by a train.

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