Can ‘UnReal’ Season 2 Be Saved With Adam’s Return? [Spoilers]

While Season 1 of UnReal was an unexpected delight, Season 2 hasn’t quite had the same effect. It is possible that the return of Adam could help change that, but is it too little too late?

Who would have ever thought that a show based on the reality TV show The Bachelor could grow into a summer show people love to watch. It does help that it was created by Bachelor producer Sarah Gertrude Shapiro, who brought an insider’s view to UnReal, but the storytelling and twists off-camera have helped make this into something completely new.

That was the first season. UnReal Season 2 hasn’t produced the same level of intrigue and shock. For starters, the season hasn’t offered the same design and structure that the first season did. Instead of looking at the behind-the-scenes drama and twists, it’s focused purely on the producers and their love lives. The new suitor, Darius, doesn’t even have enough of a personality to bring the show to life, and all of the female contestants have ended up getting too involved in the mayhem rather than being the victims they were the first time.

According to Shaprio, none of this was intended. The aim for UnReal Season 2 was to bring the two worlds together: the TV show and the producers behind the scenes. There is more of a focus on the show’s reality TV show Everlasting, which help disrupted the balance in a way that the producers and creator never anticipated or planned for.

Last week started to move back into the right direction, and then the twist of Adam returning got fans talking. He was the Brit introduced in Season 1 who shared the perfect chemistry with Rachel. It is possible that his re-introduction will help bring something new to the show to save it before the end of Season 2.

Adam’s return has been orchestrated by Quinn, who just loves to make Rachel’s life a living hell. Rachel is already trying to deal with Jeremy and Coleman, and now Adam has come back to the set.

The question is whether all this will be too little too late. Was this all planned before the show seemed to lose the steam it had from UnReal Season 1? Is it possible that the real producers have just started to get a little desperate to regain the momentum the promising and exciting show once had?

Decider doesn’t think that UnReal actually needs saving, but it does need some space to mature. It is a new show, and Season 2 is still in its infancy. Season 1 is the time to gain fans, and Season 2 is the chance to adapt and test the waters. This is just what the show is currently doing by trying to blend Everlasting with the UnReal behind the scenes.

It looks like Adam coming back was originally planned, as it seems like Quinn has a full plan for him on the show. This isn’t something that she would just quickly put together. While Adam doesn’t want to be her meat puppet again, she knows that he wants to redeem himself.

“The feelings he has for Rachel. He knows very well that Quinn is manipulating him. She’s done it many times in Season 1, so he knows that there’s a hidden agenda with her.”

Freddie Stroma, who plays Adam, says that his character is likely back for Rachel. He knows that Quinn will try to manipulate him, but he needs to make things right with Rachel and it is worth it if he manages to do that. This will show off his feelings for Rachel, as he is willing to do whatever it takes.

Do you think this will reignite UnReal Season 2? Is it enough for the show, or just too little too late?

[Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images]