Winona Ryder On Nexflix And Hand-Me-Downs From Audrey Hepburn

For fans of Winona Ryder, there has been a serious drought, and it seemed for a while that Ryder was going to be relegated to a footnote or a bad shoplifting joke. However, Ryder is back on Netflix and in the public eye. Admittedly, Winona Ryder has taken a winding road in her career, but a new series on Netflix, Stranger Things, is giving Ryder another chance to reinvent herself. But it seems that the “Winona Forever” fans are still out there, and they are excited for Ryder to return to any screen, big or small.

According to the Inquisitr, Winona Ryder was thrust back into the spotlight recently, as she was asked about former beau Johnny Depp and the recent domestic abuse accusations by his wife, Amber Heard. Ryder said that she had never had any experience with Johnny Depp in relation to domestic violence, and the actress only had positive things to say about him. Ryder claims that she is still a Johnny Depp fan and wishes him well.

Vogue UK claims that Winona Ryder is indeed back for good, and she will be seen on a new Netflix series. Winona Ryder was the queen of the quirky cult favorites, but her 2002 shoplifting arrest derailed her career for some time. But when Matt and Ross Duffer were casting their new Netflix series, Stranger Things, they couldn’t think of anyone else they wanted in the lead role. It was Winona Ryder they had pictured when the role was created.

“It’s the Winona Forever fans, there’s just a lot of them. She’s such an icon. We grew up on her movies. We were hoping that if we wanted so desperately to see her on-screen that other people would feel that, too.”

Throughout her trials and tribulations, Winona Ryder maintained a number of influential fans, beyond the Duffers, including designer Marc Jacobs, who chose her to be the face of his company for 2015, because of her “Old Hollywood glamor” and style.

“She has all that glamour that’s lost today, that’s been pummeled by Instagram and TMZ. She inspires a kind of cultist love that I don’t see other ingénues inspiring. Audrey Hepburn used to send [Ryder] her clothes.”

And about that, who is lucky enough to get hand-me-downs from Audrey Hepburn? According to Vanity Fair, it’s none other than Winona Ryder who also has a passing resemblance to Hepburn. A story indeed went around, via Tavi Gevinson, that she was the recipient of a pair of gloves that Hepburn gave Ryder, and there were other items of clothing shared between the two.

Tavi Gevinson showed T Magazine a pair of gloves, noting that they “belonged to Audrey Hepburn, who then gave them to Winona Ryder when she was 18, who I know and who gave them to me this weekend.”

The New York Times is revealing that the new role on Netflix in Stranger Things will finally allow fans to see Winona Ryder as an adult. In the new Netflix series, Winona Ryder portrays a mother, which is a role she has not played in her actual life. Ryder says that she got some tips from her own mother to add some authenticity.

“I don’t have kids, so my mom helped me a lot on this. I’d call her sometimes and say: ‘Mom, what would you do if every indication is that your child is dead, but you believe that lights are telling you that he isn’t?’ And she’d say: ‘Honey, I’d totally believe that. It’s primal.'”

But Winona Ryder isn’t just willing to talk about her new role in Stranger Things and ignore the past. Ryder says she believes it was a good thing to take a break from her career and the public eye to get herself back together.

“I think for me, personally, it was good for my soul and stuff to be M.I.A. In the big picture, I see it as something that opened the door for me to get away. All I’d ever done was act.”

Post-shoplifting scandal, Winona Ryder retreated to her hometown of San Francisco to remove herself from the entertainment industry and indulge in her love of fashion. Although Ryder obviously regrets the incident, she seems to have a sense of humor and is ready to put the arrest behind her.

“Look, I think I’ll forever be associated with that. Definitely. In the grand scheme of things it wasn’t exactly the crime of the century.”

Will you check in to see Winona Ryder on Netflix in her new project, Stranger Things?

[Photo by Alberto Rodriguez/Getty Images]