Hannah Montana Cherries? So Wrong

Hannah Montana Cherries are out and we think it’s unfortunate. Why, you ask? Think about it for a minute. or if that’s too hard, search for things like Miley Cyrus pole dance or Miley Cyrus bikini pics. Now, does Miley, who is also the famed Hannah Montana, really remind you of cherries?

We didn’t think so. In fact, we think it’s just a little presumptous of the Disney company to market a product like Hannah Montana Cherries when there’s a 95% chance that Hannah’s cherry has fallen off the bush long ago. And even if it hasn’t, what about all the pedo bears who are now in their glory at the company’s short sightedness? Either way, we think Hannah Montana Cherries are just a really bad idea, unfortunate even.

Instead of Hannah Montana Cherries, why didn’t the company slap Hannah Montana stickers on some bananas and they would have had something totally cool that rhymed – oh wait, not such a good idea, nevermind.

At any rate, wherever Disney Fresh groceries are sold, have a look for those Hannah Montana Cherries next time you’re there… perv.

OR, is this just another elaborate joke? Photoshopped or not, it is something that could be overlooked by a company like Disney, or done on purpose as a marketing ploy.