Jenelle Evans Deletes Twitter After Baby Bombshell, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Throws Epic Tantrum

Jenelle Evans has been one of the most active Teen Mom stars on social media. She used Instagram and Twitter daily, with several followers stalking her every move. Evans also has a Facebook account which is private except for a few posts which she has decided to make public. She has been known for her epic rants across social media and this past weekend, she did it again. Evans felt like her privacy was violated and took it to social media to tell the haters to “F**k off!” after receiving less-than-desirable comments about her third pregnancy.

Twitter appears to be the place for Jenelle Evans to go to rant about anyone or anything that was bothering her. She engaged in several Twitter exchanges with the other ladies of Teen Mom 2 about comments they made or things they did. Most recently Evans called out Chelsea Houska for “stealing” her idea to launch her own website. That didn’t go down well, as most fans backed Chelsea over her. It seems that while Evans believes it is a good idea to air all of her dirty laundry on social media and avoid any filters, most people don’t agree with the way she comes across.

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It looks like Evans is taking a break from all of the negativity. According to Wetpaint, Jenelle Evans no longer has a Twitter account. When you search the social media site for what used to be her account, it gives you a message that says it does not exist. This isn’t shocking, as the Teen Mom 2 star has done this before. When she announced she was pregnant with her second child, people reacted poorly as well. Evans was so sure that Nathan Griffith was the one and was excited to welcome Kaiser into the world. She routinely retweets positive comments but has definitely gone toe to toe with the ones who troll her regarding her life choices.

Before exiting social media, Jenelle Evans wrote out a long post on Facebook, snapping back at the people who sent her nasty comments. Twitter was buzzing about how she decided to shade Chelsea Houska in her rant, referring to “someone else” and how everyone was excited over their pregnancy announcement. Houska had announced last week that she was expecting her second child, but her first with soon-to-be husband, Cole DeBoer. It appears that the bad blood between the Teen Mom 2 co-stars was stirred back up because the limelight was not on her once again. Before deleting Twitter, she did deny that her rant was about Houska, though not many people are buying it. Evans has been known to say and do two different things, and it looks like that may be the case here.

The reality is Jenelle Evans will be back on Twitter in the near future. This is not the first time she has gotten upset and deleted one of her social media accounts. As of now, Evans can still be found on Instagram and Facebook, but she hasn’t been actively answering comments on either. There has also been no official pregnancy announcement from Evans. Her bombshell was revealed when the police report from David Eason’s accident earlier this month was released. No one bothered to ask how she was doing after the event, but they all had comments about her pregnancy.

Teen Mom 2 is currently filming, which means Jenelle Evans is likely going through all of this Twitter drama while on camera. She has been denying rumors of a pregnancy for weeks and now that she has been exposed, she wants to hide. Fans are taking bets on how long it will be before she returns to Twitter, and it looks like people believe it won’t be long!

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