Jacqueline Laurita Calls Out Teresa Giudice For Being Fake On ‘RHONJ’

Jacqueline Laurita decided to come back to The Real Housewives of New Jersey with a goal to make peace with Teresa Giudice. Laurita had followed her friend’s case, and she watched the news when Teresa was released from prison. Giudice had invited many friends and family members over for New Year’s Eve, but Laurita and her husband had not received an invitation. Things were already brewing a bit beneath the surface, so when Jacqueline got a phone call from Teresa on New Year’s Eve, she was surprised. She answered the phone on speaker and Teresa immediately questioned her motives, as her cousins were present.

According to a new Instagram post, Jacqueline Laurita is now revealing that Giudice was trying to make her look bad, as all of the housewives have to answer their phones on speaker. This has always been done on the show. Maybe Giudice didn’t think Jacqueline had any people over at her house, or maybe she thought that she wasn’t filming. Of course, Jacqueline couldn’t make a reference to the camera crew, and she was left being bashed over answering the phone on speaker. This morning, Jacqueline Laurita decided to set the record straight.

“RHONJ insider: While filming a reality show, we must always have calls on speaker. Take notice. I was also on speaker. This is why I got turned off and my walls went up after Teresa asked me if I always answered my calls on speaker. She knows why I do. That was a dirty play. It was then that I realized her call was not sincere,” Laurita revealed on Instagram, but that sparked plenty of questions as to why she couldn’t just have gone into another room.

“Having someone on speaker is one thing. Not telling them who else is listening in is another. I consider that slightly shady. She was taken off guard,” one person wrote to Jacqueline Laurita, who replied with, “I did tell her. Just like my friend Dolores with listening on her side. My kitchen was the only room lighted for filming. She called me on camera. She could have called me off camera for privacy.”

People seem quite split about who is the wrong here. Some people believe that Teresa made a mistake and only really thought of herself. Maybe Teresa really did think that Jacqueline was alone on New Year’s Eve and didn’t think about her co-stars. Maybe she really just thought of herself. But there are also people who believe that Jacqueline Laurita should stop playing the victim. Maybe she should just have said that she was filming and those rules about having the phone on speaker are Bravo’s rules, and she should have known better.

“You could have answered the call in private, stop playing victim,” one person wrote to Jacqueline Laurita, while another added, “And then when she felt the need to give you a head count of ppl at her party — as she shook her head in self-assured arrogance on camera… Convincing herself in that moment that her petty Passive-aggression is harmless. Teresa is a #narcissist.”

According to the Daily Mail, Giudice reached out to Jacqueline Laurita because she wanted to extend an olive branch in hopes of them making up and finding peace in their friendship. This is definitely possible, but one has to wonder how Jacqueline will tackle the question of the speaker phone. Teresa and Laurita sit down for a walk on next week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

How do you think Jacqueline Laurita should have handled the phone call? Do you think she should have called out Teresa on the spot?

[Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images]