'Uncharted 4' DLC To Feature Sam And Sully? Troy Baker Reveals What He'd Like To See In The Single-Player Expansion

Aaron Sass

We're probably a good six to eight months away from seeing the release of the single-player expansion for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, and at this point, no one really knows what Naughty Dog is planning for the expansion. What characters will we see? What will the timeline be? Will it lead to a fifth Uncharted game? No one knows. However, actor Troy Baker, who voiced Sam Drake, recently spoke about what he'd like to see Naughty Dog do with Uncharted 4's single-player DLC.

During a recent chat with Twinfinite, Baker said that after playing Uncharted 4, he'd really like to see what Sam and Sully do on their first adventure together.

"After playing the game, I find myself really torn because a part of me wants to see what Sam and Sully are going to do."

Of course, at the end of the game, Sam volunteers to help Sully out with his next job, which is described as "dangerous." Also, in the game's epilogue, we see a postcard from Sam and Sully that suggests that they've taken part in more than one dangerous adventure and that Sam has replaced Nate as Sully's full-time treasure-hunting buddy.

Baker also said that he'd be curious to see Naughty Dog create something that gives us more of a look at Sam's backstory, which we saw just a little bit of in Uncharted 4.

"I was so impressed with what Chase Austin did as young Sam that there's a lot of me that wants to see them go back. We jumped from them being in the orphanage to the prison – I want to know what happened during that whole space in between."

In Uncharted 4's epilogue, the Elena character suggested that Nate and Sam were really young when they began their fortune-seeking life, which gives Naughty Dog quite the timeline to work with, as they could feature a Nate and Sam adventure from their teenage years or even one of their earliest experiences with Sully.

As for what Naughty Dog has planned for Uncharted 4's single-player expansion, according to Baker, that's still up in the air.

"They're still batting about ideas, I don't think they've even landed on one. Those guys are still recuperating from shipping that game."


If Naughty Dog is planning on doing an expansion that features the Sam character, then Baker will obviously be involved, unless, or course, they decide to go with Sam as a teenager, then Chase Austin, who voiced the young version of Sam in Uncharted 4, will be involved in the project.

Many are expecting the Uncharted 4 single-player expansion to be similar to The Last of Us: Left Behind, which was only about two hours long. It was also heavy on the backstory, which could be the case with Uncharted 4's DLC.

During a live stream that was showing off some of the features of Uncharted 4's latest DLC, we were told that we shouldn't expect to hear anything about the single-player expansion for quite a while. We may not get any details about it until November or December at the very earliest.

The Last of Us: Left Behind was released about eight months after the initial game was released, and many are expecting the Uncharted 4's single-player DLC to follow the same timeline. Naughty Dog has promised that they'll reveal details on the project as soon as they have details to reveal.

Fans have been tossing around ideas for the single-player DLC, some of which don't include Sam. One of the most common ideas that's been going around is that the expansion will feature Cassie Drake, who is the daughter of Nate and Elena.

Another idea that's been thrown around is Sully's backstory, which we got a brief look at in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.

As of right now, it seems like Naughty Dog hasn't settled on anything, so it could end up being any of the aforementioned ideas. But the common belief is that it'll end up being Sam and Sully's first big adventure together.

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