Selena Gomez: The Surprising Secret To Her Instagram Success

Selena Gomez is currently the most dominant personality on Instagram. According to Vanity Fair, Selena Gomez is the most followed person on Instagram with 90 million followers.

Next to Gomez, her long time best friend Taylor Swift comes in second place with 85 million followers. Ariana Grande is a distant third with 78 million followers.

Perhaps part of her success on the social media platform lies in the fact that Selena Gomez’s Instagram posts are well produced, including of a recent clip in which she led her followers through her Fourth of July party to a Drake soundtrack. She also seems to know just the right frequency with which to post her updates: never too often so as to overwhelm the feed of her followers.

The former Wizards of Waverley Place actress’s Instagram posts differ from her peers in that they are often quite well-thought-out and meaningful. In addition to being the most followed user on Instagram, Selena Gomez has also earned another title to her name on the network, as she currently has the most liked photograph of all time on the platform. The post, dated two weeks ago, shows the singer sipping from a Coke bottle with the lyrics to her song “Me & the Rhythm” featured on the bottle. Gomez’s expression was hard to read, with some saying she looked mysterious while others said she looked contemplative and serene.

When it comes to her Instagram posts, Selena Gomez claims to not have a social media manager. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Selena Gomez’s Instagram posts are directly managed by her.

This is an age in which celebrities constantly compete for the most attention on the various social media networks, which often leads them to choose to hire digital consultants for their social media accounts. Selena Gomez surprisingly gives little thought to what she would post on Instagram. The thought process she goes through before she posts on Instagram happens the moment she captures something, and simply comes down to her deciding whether it is worth posting or not.

In today’s highly-stylized society, it is perhaps this genuineness that her fans enjoy, rather than knowing that every post has been carefully worded and posted at the most opportune time in order to gain the greatest reaction. Selena Gomez gives little thought to these factors: she simply posts what she likes, and what she thinks her followers will enjoy.

The “Love Will Remember” singer says that it was not her goal to become the most followed person on the network, but she does enjoy the app, and that Instagram is her favorite social platform. Selena Gomez’s Instagram feed is a mix of professional photos, off the cuff videos and selfies.

Gomez’s current interest in Instagram’s longer video product became clear when she was one of the first to post a 60-second video of herself in the studio when the feature rolled out in March. Another video she recorded recently for the Fourth of July featured her walking into the party she was hosting and then jumping into the pool. Gomez’s video has been viewed around 9 million times. When Gomez hops between cities for her Revival tour, she uses Instagram to give fans a glimpse into her nonstop schedule. Posts from the tour include Gomez working on her new album out of the studio bus, meeting with fans after her concerts, and watching The Big Bang Theory backstage.

The actress and singer tries to find the balance between being herself and posting a good selfie with good lighting. A recent photo of Gomez riding a shopping cart inside a market in Canada left some of her fans wondering just how natural her Instagram posts are. She explained the story behind the photo and how close her bond is with her tour photographer.

“I’ve created this bond with him, so it’s super organic when he takes photos. We were in the grocery store, all shopping for the bus, and I always eat when I shop. I remember one of the comments said, ‘I cannot believe she rented out the grocery store for a photo shoot,’ and I died laughing. I was like, ‘Well, I didn’t.'”

[Photo by Rich Fury/Invision/AP]