‘Bates Motel’ Season 5 Spoilers: Sheriff Romero Seeks Revenge, Norman Struggles To Maintain His Sanity, And Dylan Finds Out His Mom Is Dead? [Spoilers]

Bates Motel Season 5 spoilers are trickling in as it grows closer to March 2017 for the final ten episodes to air. Slowly, spoilers are coming out, and it looks like during the season we could see a massive showdown between Norman Bates and Alex Romero.

Bates Motel spoilers have been iffy, but one detail most spoilers agree on is Sheriff Romero will be gunning for Norman Bates for killing his wife, Norma. That much all fans and media agree on. The handsome Sheriff will have a small little inconvenience to deal with–he is in jail accused of perjury. Granted, his charges won’t stick, but it makes getting to Norman a bit more tricky.

Alex made it no mystery on the Season 4 finale that he was coming for Norman Bates, and that he would pay for killing his mother. No one knows just how far gone Norman is right now. He has gone off the deep end and apparently doesn’t plan on returning to the land of sanity because he tossed his medicine that was giving him an ever so small grip on reality.

Bates Motel showrunner Kerry Ehrin teased that Season 5 really may turn out to be a who will kill the other first situation between Sheriff Romero and Norman Bates. Norman knows he needs to do something quickly because Alex feels like he’s lost his whole world, and his passion for justice for his mother, Norma is dangerous. He has vowed not to stop until he sees Norman behind bars, Movie News Guide Reports.

The one detail the Bates Motel fans can pretty much depend on for the new season is Norman will struggle with his sanity. He knows in his mind that his mother is dead, but he will continue to “see” her. He will start to believe that she never died and that everything is normal — at least as long as he is in the home he shared with his loving mother. Of course, at some point, that will come crashing down when someone challenges that he may not be well, and may “benefit” from inpatient treatment.

On the Season 4 finale of Bates Motel, Norman told his brother Dylan that Norma was well, but didn’t want to talk to him. That didn’t raise any red flags to Dylan because his mom could be rather difficult to understand at times. Christian Today reports that Dylan will learn that his mother died from an unexpected source, and he rushes home to find out what’s going on. Particularly, he is worried about the mental status of his brother, Norman.

Max Theriot, the actor who plays Dylan, revealed he isn’t sure if his character will live through Season 5. He seemed to think that at some point, Norman will get angry with him and “accidentally” kill him like he did his father, Sam. He admits he hasn’t seen a script for the upcoming season, but Max was warned that he could be one of the casualties.

“Every single person in our cast can do really great drama, but they’re all also really funny. In fact, I think we’ve never actually fully seen the comic potential of Max Thieriot’s character. Dylan kind of comes across often as being more sincere and earnest in our show, and yet he has, as a person, this really, really funny side. One of our goals is trying to get a little bit more of that into the show before it ends.”

Bates Motel fans, how will the series end? Do you think Sheriff Romero will be able to fulfill his revenge plot against Norman? Do you think that Dylan will die at some point? How will Emma fit into the storylines–she’s definitely returning for at least six episodes? And, who do you think will portray the iconic Marian Crane on the show?

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