Jimmy Fallon Dances With Emma Watson [Brought To You In GIF Format]

Emma Watson may play a wallflower in the movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower, but she is more than capable of playing the extrovert when it comes time to hamming it up for the cameras.

Jimmy Fallon was interviewing Watson on Thursday’s airing of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon when he shared footage from her new movie. Jimmy asked Emma if she would be willing to teach him a few movies to which she responded

“Yeah, for sure … Are you down?”

After agreeing to the quick lesson, Emma Watson and Jimmy Fallon danced on the Late Night stage where Watson made sure to cover some of Hollywood’s most iconic dance moments including the jazz hands from Singing’ in the Rain, the carnival ending in Grease, and the lift from Dirty Dancing which was helped along by Fallon.

Jimmy Fallon has a way of cleverly creating viral video sensations that lead to millions of views on YouTube, Hulu, and other social video sharing websites; this time, however, it wasn’t just fans that were excited following the dance sequence. After she “taught” Fallon a thing or two, Emma Watson tweeted:

The gif shown above really does some horrible justice to the actual routine, but we couldn’t help ourselves. If you want to see the actually Jimmy Fallon and Emma Watson dance number, here it is:

So what do you think, do Jimmy and Emma have a future on Broadway?