'Ghostbusters' Review: Don't Listen To The Haters It's A Comedy Lover's Dream Come True [No Spoilers]

Before Ghostbusters debuted this weekend, the rebooted film received a lot of hate from the Internet when it was revealed the cast was all-female unlike the 1980's original. As a matter of fact, the trailer was the most disliked movie trailer in YouTube's history, which begged the question, was it going to be a terrible film or was the female cast upsetting to those who love the original film?

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With the huge amount of negative press the Ghostbusters reboot was subjected to before hitting theaters, the film didn't seem to have a ghost of a chance in grabbing the top spot at the box office. Indeed, Ghostbusters scared up a solid $46 million opening in North America this weekend, according to CNN, but it wasn't able to top The Secret Life of Pets.

With a heavy dose of skepticism hanging over the Ghostbusters reboot as to whether the movie could stand on its own two feet and be a worthy successor to the original, the film was a surprising breath of fresh air. Entertaining for both adults and children, Ghostbusters is a film the whole family can go see together and enjoy with witty dialogue that will have audiences laughing throughout, as well as terrific action scenes to satisfy even the most die-hard Ghostbusters fans.

This Ghostbusters reboot has brought together a cast of strong actresses who have palpable comedic chemistry and make a great team to root for. Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon are some of the funniest women out there in Hollywood. They've each showcased their talents in various comedies, both on the big screen and the small screen. It was a comedy lover's dream come true to see them act together in Ghostbusters.

One of the most surprising performances in Ghostbusters comes from Chris Hemsworth, the actor well known for playing Thor. It was refreshing to see Hemsworth in a light comedic role as he usually goes for the heavier, more dramatic parts, and he did an excellent job playing the handsome but bumbling receptionist. He brings a lot of laughs to the Ghostbusters film as he's clueless on how to do his job, and word is he improvised some of what his character said and did.

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Chris Hemsworth as Kevin in 'Ghostbusters' 2016 [Image via Sony Pictures]As mentioned earlier, the dialogue in Ghostbusters is spectacular. The story is strong, and the ghosts look impressive onscreen. There are cameos galore with fun winks to those in the audience who grew up watching the original Ghostbusters movies.

Now the question that must be asked is if there will be another Ghostbusters film. While the amount of money Ghostbusters brought in was low compared to how much it took to produce the film, Sony already says yes.

"There absolutely will be more [films]," said Josh Greenstein, Sony's marketing and distribution chief. "This is a restart of one of our most important brands."

Variety reported that the audience was mostly female for the Ghostbusters reboot. Fifty-four percent of Ghostbusters ticket buyers were women, and 55% of the audience was over the age of 25. Across Twitter, many movie goers reported taking their children to see Ghostbusters, and many of those parents said their sons loved the movie as much as their daughters, seeming to speak directly to the naysayers who believe this film won't give boys anyone to look up to. Who says boys can't look up to strong females as role models?

This Ghostbusters reboot took many years to make it to the big screen, but was more than worth the wait. Here's hoping, however, that the follow-up won't take as many years to hit theaters. This rebooted film should definitely be on your list to watch and to eventually own.

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