July 18, 2016
Corey Feldman Talks ‘The Lost Boys’ Reboot With All Girls

The Lost Boys is about to fall victim to yet another remake from the current craze of reboots taking over classic horror films from the 1980s. But with all of the gender swapping going on, original The Lost Boys star Corey Feldman has weighed in on his thoughts for the project.

Although The Lost Boys reboot has not actually been confirmed by the studio at this time, the rumor has been floating around Hollywood quite heavily and there seems to be a lot of momentum behind the project. The Lost Boys, or The Lost Girls, rather, would be just another installment of reboots from the 1980s that includes Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Thing, Halloween (1978), Halloween II and My Bloody Valentine.

As of late, the Ghostbusters reboot has also done a gender swap, and even though it was made for a blockbuster budget, it did not do so well in its opening weekend, according to Box Office Mojo. It did not debut at number one this weekend, instead falling behind last week's surprise hit, The Secret Life of Pets. But Ghostbusters still managed to pull in $46 million in the U.S., only it was on a $144 million budget.

So if Ghostbusters is any indicator how a reboot would fare with a gender swap in the roles, then The Lost Boys reboot with an all girls cast, presumably titled The Lost Girls, might not do much better.

That is also something that The Lost Boys original star and franchise mainstay Corey Feldman seemed to be saying as well when he spoke with Movie Web about the potential remake film.

"After what happened with Ghostbusters, I would veer to stay away from that idea [for The Lost Boys reboot]. I'm not a hater. I encourage all artistic endeavors. And I support anything as long it's good," Corey Feldman told Movie Web. "I just hate seeing crap, and I hate seeing schlock. And I hate seeing when they take a very valuable and positive franchise and destroy it with something that sounds like a really good idea, but is not. So, to me...I'm a firm believer in giving the fans what we know they want. And give it to them the way they want it."

There have been many fans of The Lost Boys and other horror movies who have been really vocal on social media about leaving the reboots out of the market. Some of these franchises like The Lost Boys, Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street are special to the people who grew up watching them and a reboot, or a remake, seems to be a smack in the face to them if they cannot pull off the authenticity of the original film.

"It's always nice to throw some surprises in there. But I am also not a believer in the reboot. I do not think it is a good idea. I don't like it," Corey Feldman told Movie Web. "I think when fans want a sequel to their favorite films, they want to see their favorite characters, and their favorite actors playing those characters, and they want to know where those characters are ten years later, or a few years later. And that is the fun of a sequel. That is in my personal opinion as a filmgoer and a moviemaker."

The Lost Boys reboot project is actually something that Corey Feldman's side project, Corey's Angels, would invest heavily in. Corey's Angels is a safe haven for actresses that come into Hollywood that Feldman provides so they do not fall victim to what is commonly known as the "producer's couch." That is code for sexual molestation and harassment for people, mostly young girls, who come there wanting to be Hollywood stars.

[Image via Warner Bros.]