‘Fresh Prince Of Bel Air’ Star, Tatyana Ali, Exchanges Wedding Vows With Vaughn Rasberry

Tatyana Ali, who’s well-known for her role as the adorable Ashley Banks on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, exchanged wedding vows with Vaughn Rasberry, an assistant professor of English, at Stanford University. In March, the couple announced that they were expecting their first child.

The two exchanged vows in front of 120 guests at the Four Seasons Hotel, and said they wanted the affair to be an intimate one. Ali and Rasberry met on the eHarmony dating website a little over two years ago. They communicated via Skype for quite a while before meeting and discovering that they were right for each other.

Wedding plans had already been in the works, but when Tatyana found out that she was pregnant, she wanted a ceremony that not only celebrated the couple’s love, but also represented how they felt about the blessing of becoming parents.

Michael Russo, who served as Ali’s wedding planner, said “It was truly a magical and heartfelt ceremony. Tatyana was glowing as she walked down the aisle,” noted the Inquisitr.

The bride wore an off-white, custom-designed, form-fitting Amsale gown, and Caribbean touches were added to the ceremony in celebration of her ethnic roots. She carried white peonies, cream-colored garden roses, and her bridesmaids wore tea-length, raspberry-colored dresses.

Although the wedding was over 100 people, Tatyana said, “It’s our closest friends and family and that obviously includes a lot of people that I worked with over the years.”

One of the highlights of the nuptials was the couple sharing vows with each other, expressing the sentiments of their hearts. Ali reflected on what everything meant to her, per People.

“What I’ve heard from a lot of friends and people that have gone through weddings, is that it goes by fast… I hope that we really get to savor every moment – just talking about all the things that we experienced and got to see and what people did and what they talked about. I hope that we don’t feel like, ‘Oh my god, it happened and now it’s done.’ I hope that we’re relaxed and kind of centered enough to really experience it.”

Throughout the planning stages, Tatyana said she wasn’t stressed, partly due to a good wedding planner. The one thing she and the then prospective groom couldn’t agree on was the flavor of the wedding cake, added People.

“I love chocolate and Vaughn loves Vanilla so we’re having a tiered cake. I’m not into his cake and he’s not into mine! So, we get to share!”

Other than the wedding, the newsworthy happening in Tatyana’s life is a recent lawsuit against Warner Brothers and Telepictures. The subject is The Real talk show. Ali claims to have originally pitched the idea in 2012, and she alleges that it was declined. She says that six months later, she watched the same idea that originated with her come to life on television.

The talk show’s concept, according to Tatyana, was a group of diverse 20- and 30-somethings who sit around talking about everyday issues in the news and keeping it real. In July, 2013, the first show was aired. It remains on the air, and a contract has been renewed through spring 2018, per Deadline Hollywood.

“The five female host panel cast members very closely embody and mirror the personal and professional profiles of the specific and potential female celebrity hosts openly proposed in writing and in discussion by the Plaintiff during ‘pitch’ meetings she held with the Executives.”

Some believe that the allegations of Tatyana Ali are true while others view the “original” idea as being similar to shows like The View. If that’s the case, some believe that Tatyana’s idea was borrowed from someone else and wasn’t unique at all. It will be interesting to see the outcome of the lawsuit. What are your thoughts?

[Photo by Brian Killian/Getty Images]