Psy Does Gangnam Style Dance With Cast Of ‘Today’ [Video]

Psy’s “Gangnam Style” has become the Macarena of the Millennials, with everyone jumping on the bandwagon for the catchy K-Pop song with the simple dance — even the cast of Today.

South Korean rapper and internet wonder Psy continued his whirlwind tour of American media on Friday, when he dropped in to the Today show, the Los Angeles Times noted. Psy did not normal routine, performing “Gangnam Style” for the crowd assembled at the studio, but then gave a little something extra.

Psy was joined by the Today crew, including Savannah Guthrie, David Gregory, Natalie Morales, and Al Roker, who all joined in the “Gangnam Style” dance. While the morning show crew has been known to be loose — especially Al Roker — it was a bit shocking to see such David Gregory, the distinguished host of Meet the Press, joining in on the pretend horse riding.

Psy’s “Gangnam Style” has been sweeping the internet and television waves since its debut on YouTube just a few weeks back. The South Korean rapper said when he churned out the K-Pop song, he had no idea it would become such a viral hit.

“I just uploaded this video only for the Korean viewers,” Psy told Guthrie on his Today appearance. “And within 60 days, I’m here,” referring to New York.

Psy has everyone doing the “Gangnam Style” dance, from cheerleaders to lifeguards to 60-year-old moms. When the lifeguards were fired for their viral video, Psy even went to bat for them, pleading for them to get their jobs back, MTV reported.

Psy has been giving “Gangnam Style” lessons elsewhere as well. He appeared at the MTV Video Music Awards last week as well as Ellen, where he showed Britney Spears how to do the “Gangnam Style” dance. The song debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 this week and has close to 170 million views on YouTube.