The Game, Snoop Dogg Hold Anti-Gang Summit, ‘Your Life Should Mean More To You’

At a time where the racial divide in the United States is as large as ever, Jayceon Terrell Taylor, better known as the rapper the Game, held an anti-gang summit at a community center in South Los Angeles. The message that the Game was sending out on Sunday was that of peace and safety. The Game wishes for a future that he does not have to fear for the safety of his daughter, hoping she can be “a little safer” while walking along the streets of Los Angeles.

“Your life should mean more to you. Your life should mean more to you than what you’re showing.”

The Game was not alone in trying to enforce a message of peace instead of violence. Tony Muhammad is a minister for the Nation of Islam. Muhammad was instrumental in organizing the anti-gun summit. In his quest for peace, Muhammad said, “come on black community, it’s time for us to stand up and unite.”

Using social media to his advantage, the Game posted on Instagram on how the black community can come together to help bridge the racial gap.

“Because the sad truth that no one wants to face is, before we can get OUR LIVES TO MATTER to anyone else…We have to show that OUR LIVES MATTER to US!!!!”

We each have to take the initiative to create change within ourselves before we can ask anyone else to do so….. I am responsible for myself & I offer my hand to anybody from anywhere to shake it…… I LOVE ALL MY BROTHERS & I want you to LIVE homie….. If you feel the same way, reach out & extend your hand to someone & let’s alter our futures one person at a time!!!!! I signed it 1st……… The opportunity to save lives is yours too if you want it……. OUR CHILDRENS FUTURE IS AT STAKE #HUNTmovement #LosAngeles #JusticeOrElse #NationOfIslam #CityOfRefuge #UnitedInPeaceFoundation #TheWayToHappiness #Crip #Blood #Ese #CeaseFire #BlackAndBrownPride [TAG SOMEONE IN THIS POST & LET THEM SEE WE ARE TOGETHER & THEIR LIVES MATTER TO US AS WELL] & I WILL ASK EVERYONE BELOW THAT WILL COMMENT NEGATIVELY & HATE…. WHAT THE F**K ARE “YOU” DOING TO HELP????????????

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Many of the speakers on Sunday were either current or former gang members. Each speaker had a very powerful message for all those attending the anti-gang summit. Ben “Taco” Owens is a supervisor for gang-intervention workers. Owens stated that all of the attendees on Sunday said, “that you’re here because you want to change.” Owens went on to comment further.

“This is a very, very critical moment in our city and in our lives.”

Another gang intervention worker, Michael “Big Mike” Cummings, simplified the anti-gang summit message even further by stating, “the only thing that needs to be divided by colors is our laundry.”

Police Chief Charlie Beck stated that the anti-gang summit was a great first step in the right direction. During Sunday’s summit, Beck and the Game shared an embrace that solidified that both sides want to do whatever they can to stop the violence. The embrace came right around the time that three Baton Rouge police officers were murdered.

The amount of people attending the anti-gang summit was large considering the sweltering heat. Do you think that this anti-gang summit will be the catalyst that helps curb the racial tension and violence that is sweeping across the United States?

[Image Via AP Photo/Richard Vogel]