‘Pokemon GO’ Can Earn Cash And Boost Small Business Sales: Why Not Cash In?

Pokemon GO is taking the world by storm as people of all ages and nationalities get hooked on this unique game that combines the real world with a gaming world full of PokeStops and Gyms. Because of the real world element, gamers are no longer inhabiting their sofas and putting off trips to the fridge. The new gamers are hitting the streets, going to parks, restaurants, stores, and a host of other kinds of locations around nearly every city and town in the world, and it is only going to spread.

Small business sales are way up for those businesses cashing in on the popularity of the game. It’s easy to turn a few dollars into huge profits by attracting new customers. It is even possible for those without businesses to make money with the game. Players have opportunities to make real-world cash for game world actions by signing up with Lure Deals. There are even new small and local business service features being developed in these early weeks of what is becoming a major international pastime. Gamers and business owners throughout the world are taking the opportunities presented in this trend to cash in.

Pokemon GO is a fairly simple concept that overlays Google maps with a game map, and virtual characters called Pokemon. These small characters are hunted, captured, trained, and used in battle by players who can become handlers of these elusive and rare creatures. So far, the game world has at least two types of buildings that correspond with real life landmarks. There are PokeStops and Gyms.

When near a PokeStop, a player can receive free virtual game supplies and hunt Pokemon drawn to nearby locations with lures. Gyms host team tournaments that fight for the right to use the game world facilities. Businesses near PokeStops and Gyms benefit greatly from the game as more virtual facilities are created to overlap the real world.

Small businesses can, first of all, benefit by purchasing Pokemon lures, which attract Pokemon creatures to the location for 30 minutes per lure. Multiple lures can be set, either in succession or several at once. The cost of setting up lures is only a few dollars since lures are less than a dollar each. Shops can use social media to promote their lure events as well. The results can be phenomenal. According to Venture Beat, setting off lures usually increases sales by about 10 or 20 percent on days lures are used. Results may vary.

Pokemon GO by Alexander Koerner c
Pokemon GO [Photo by Alexander Koerner/Getty Images]

Pokemon GO promotional sales are the key to increasing profits. Business owners frequently offer special Pokemon discounts and promotional deals to ensure maximum interest in their businesses.

Small businesses can get help using Pokemon GO from Lure Deals, a company that helps maximize the game’s benefits for businesses. The company claims to drastically increase traffic, sales, and profits to local businesses. Lure Deals is a separate company from Nintendo that sets up lures helping small and local businesses compete with national brand shops and restaurants.

Pokemon can draw crowds to a location [Photo by Alexander Koerner/Getty Images]
Pokemon can draw crowds to a location [Photo by Alexander Koerner/Getty Images]

Pokemon GO Lure Deals also pay cash, called a bounty, to gamers for setting up lures in specific spots. That way, even those who don’t have a small business can earn money with this captivating new game. When requests come in, local gamers who want to participate are notified. The first gamer to get to the site and set a lure gets a bounty. It is a great way for gamers to earn some extra cash.

Small business owner services will increase as Pokemon gaming spreads throughout the world. There will be more PokeStops and more Gyms. Also, Forbes reports that sponsored retail locations are coming soon to Nintendo’s game services for businesses. This plan will help businesses that are not currently near a PokeStop.

Pokemon GO is an expanding program helping small businesses attract gamers into their locations for potential purchases.

[Photo by Olivia Harris/Getty Images]