George Clooney to Sue Italian Paparazzi over Underage Photos

George Clooney is about to wage war against 2 Italian magazines and a Paparazzi photographer after someone climbed over a wall at his compound and photographed a 13 year old girl topless who was changing her clothes in a guest bedroom on his property.

The topless photos of the topless 13 year old girl ended up being published in 2 different magazines. Photos were also taken of Clooney and his girlfriend in the yard of his estate.

Clooney is suing over the photos, telling TMZ:

“We’re suing two magazines AND a photographer. I don’t know about the law in the United States but in Italy it’s illegal for photographers to climb over my wall and to take long lens pictures of a 13-year-old girl in her bedroom. I draw the line of privacy at that.”

Outrageous! We’re with Clooney on this one. They’ve gone too far.