Why can’t Allen Iverson get a job?

Allen Iverson cannot seem to land a NBA gig for the 2010 season. Even if he is willing to play for the league minimum. For a player like Iverson with 13 years of NBA experience the minimum would be 1.3 million dollars, and the league would pick up a significant portion of that contract. Yet Iverson is still having trouble convincing any NBA team that he is worth the trouble.

The problem with Iverson is two fold, in this player we have on the court problems and off the court problems. On the court he is a me first ball hog who doesn’t make any of his teammates better. On top of that what has Iverson done in his career? One appearance in the NBA finals, that doesn’t seem to be enough to convince anyone to give this man a job.

It also severely hurt his reputation last season when he complained about accepting a back up role with the Detroit Pistons. For the Pistons front office it was an easy decision to make, the team was better when Iverson was not on the floor. This seems to be a lesson other NBA teams are learning.

Off the court Iverson is a constant trouble maker. In less than a year in Detroit Iverson came to be known as a trouble maker at the City’s three downtown casinos. Ultmailtely the casinos also felt they were better off without Iverson, and it now seems that the NBA would be a better place minus one Allen Iverson.