Charlie Sheen: Brunette Beauty Not Worried About Taking Their Relationship To The Next Level

Not too long ago, Charlie Sheen was one of the most popular comedians on television thanks to his role on Chuck Lorre’s Two And A Half Men. However, in 2011, CBS and Warner Bros decided to fire him from the sitcom, stating that he was engaging in dangerous and self-destructive behavior. In a letter sent to his lawyer, the studios stated that Charlie Sheen also appeared to be very ill. Charlie Sheen was reportedly paid $25 million as settlement.

However, his admission last year that he was HIV positive sent shockwaves in both the television and adult entertainment industries, mainly because he had, over the years, interacted with numerous personalities in both. Most notable from the adult film industry was Bree Olson, now a nurse, who dated Charlie Sheen in 2011.

At the time, Charlie was said to have been living concurrently with her and model Natalie Kenly. That said, Charlie Sheen’s HIV revelation was said to have severely affected porn star Elizabeth “Sara” Bentley a lot. Upon getting the news, she posted a video on YouTube stating that she would drink Drano and smoke marijuana in a suicide attempt.

Apparently, she and Charlie had unprotected sex on numerous occasions, but he never bothered to reveal his status. Her shock reaction is said to have caused significant damage to her porn career as either way, she publicly revealed her activities with Charlie to the public.

While speaking to Radar Online, she stated, “Because I told the truth about Charlie Sheen my career is over.” She also revealed that her boyfriend had left her after learning of her encounter with Charlie Sheen. On this, she said, “He left me because of Charlie… I lost the love of my life. I’ve been blacklisted from the adult industry. I want to die every single day because of this b******t.”

Fast forward to current events and Charlie Sheen has a new girlfriend, Jess Impiazzi. And as she has just revealed, the pair’s relationship has been growing from strength to strength. According to the Daily Mail, she recently revealed that the two are still getting to know more about one another, a crucial aspect of their relationship given his HIV status. The following was her actual statement.

“It’s early days. We’re getting to know each other. In a way, his HIV diagnosis means I’ll have to get to know him better before we go any further, which is a good thing.”

It’s been reported that Charlie Sheen has already invited the brunette beauty to his Los Angeles residence and even met her mother. In June, he and Jess were pictured together during a promotion of the Lelo Hex condom, which Charlie Sheen was promoting.

Love this Pic of me and mum at the nice guys prem X

A photo posted by Jess Impiazzi (@jess_impiazzi) on

He shared a photo of them together on Twitter, which she soon retweeted, something that led fans to speculate that the two had something going on. In an interview with the Guardian following this, he revealed the following about her and how they met.

“She was at the launch party [for the condom] last night, and now – now all the tabloids are saying we’re together!… It’s the one time I wanted the story to be true!. But I’m the f*****g Aids guy, so what am I going to say? Come to the hotel and have a scone? It’s s**t city, man. What’s my opening line? ‘Wanna come up and risk your life?”

Though Jess Impiazzi has recently admitted to being trolled on the internet for getting close to Charlie Sheen, she told the Daily Star that she isn’t ruling out a relationship with the Anger Management star, pointing out, “We’re in an age where that isn’t the end of your life. I wouldn’t rule anything out”.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]