Chris Brown's New Album Slapped With Domestic Abuse Sticker

Niki Cruz

It seems as though at every turn Chris Brown is reminded of the physical violence Rihanna endured at his hand, even when the singer admitted that she forgives him, and will always love him. Now it looks like his new album will carry that fateful night with it as some stores have branded Brown’s album with a warning label that reads: “Warning do not buy this album! THIS MAN BEATS WOMEN!”

The startling warning that’s placed in addition to the parental advisory sticker is being put out on the shelves of HMV stores in London, and are said to be the work of anti-domestic violence campaigners. Brown, who has tried to leave the stigma attached to his domestic violence scandal with Rihanna behind had somewhat succeeded with a successful chart topping album thanks to his musical transition from R&B to club popping dance jams.

Speaking recently about his new work, the singer said, "It's in my heart to show my fans, my friends and family and the families at Jenesse who stood by me they were right to give me another chance. I'm working hard to make them proud."

Since the beating Brown hasn’t always kept his cool. There have been many tweets deleted out of frustration. After being asked about the fateful night that left Rihanna’s face bloodied, Chris ended his interview with "Good Morning America’s" Robin Roberts and decided to damage a window in the studio.

Do you think the label on Chris Brown’s new album is warranted or should his domestic abuse scandal remain separate from his work?