Kate Middleton Not Pregnant: New Report Refutes The Pregnancy Rumors Surrounding Duchess Kate

Kate Middleton is not pregnant, with a new report refuting rumors that Duchess Kate was expecting her third child sometime around Christmas.

There have been pervasive rumors for the past few months claiming that Kate is expecting another child, and over the course of the last few years, it’s been popular to speculate about when the royal family might be expanding again. The latest report about Kate’s potential pregnancy came from Life & Style, which published a front-page story this week claiming that the royal couple was awaiting baby No. 3.

“She is due on Christmas. Kate and William are overjoyed,” a source told the magazine. “They don’t mind whether No. 3 is a boy or a girl. They already have one of each, so they just want their next child to be healthy.”

The source went on to say that the rest of the royal family was thrilled to learn about Duchess Kate’s pregnancy, especially Queen Elizabeth, who thinks that another grandchild would be a “fabulous present for her 90th birthday this year.”

The report was repeated by a number of other news outlets (including a largely skeptical report from Inquisitr) and got plenty of traction on social media.

But a number of outlets are saying “not so fast” on the Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors. Gossip Cop reported (and Extra picked up on it) that there was no truth to the reports that Duchess Kate was going to have another baby.

As Gossip Cop noted, Life & Style seems to have a tendency to get a bit creative when it comes to Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors.

And though the magazine purports that Middleton has a visible ‘baby bump,’ it also cites its tipster as saying there’s ‘concern’ because she hasn’t put on much weight. Naturally, a doctor who has never met the mom of two speculates about her pregnancy health. But if any of this sounds familiar, it’s because Life & Style has published four nearly identical ‘pregnant’ articles over the last year, and there was even a cover story in April that announced Middleton was having ‘twins.'”

The report claiming that Duchess Kate was expecting twins was a great example of how often these rumors crop up, as there was no way that both reports could be true.

Anyone following closely likely saw other signs that Kate Middleton is not pregnant, including her seemingly vibrant health. During her first two pregnancies, Kate suffered a form of severe morning sickness that left her bedridden and even forced her into the hospital to be treated for dehydration. The symptoms were at their worst early in her pregnancies, forcing Kate to cancel her public appearances and remain largely out of the public eye.

But in the past few weeks, Kate has been seen on a number of outings with her husband and children, including a trip to an SAS base this weekend.

The couple even went sailing earlier in the week, an activity that would seem out of the question for a pregnant woman.

There seems to be at least some justification for the pregnancy rumors constantly surrounding Kate Middleton and Prince William. The royal couple has been a magnet for tabloid reports, with pregnancy reports always drawing plenty of attention. While these reports were right at least twice before, when Kate was actually pregnant with her first two kids, it may have simply been by luck and persistence that they actually got it right those times.

And while Kate Middleton may not be pregnant this time, she has reportedly told family and close friends that she always dreamed about having three children, leading many fans and tabloids to keep an eye on when she might be pregnant again.

[Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]