Samuel L. Jackson Explains 'Game Of Thrones' In His Unique Way, And Why He Was Swarmed By A Group Of Nuns

Samuel L. Jackson sure knows how to explain things, according to Business Insider. And the plot of HBO's hit drama series Game of Thrones has never been easier to follow now that the Hateful Eight actor has explained it.

Using swear words and hilarious phrases, Samuel L. Jackson breaks down the entire plot of the hit HBO drama fantasy. The eight-minute video was uploaded on the official Game of Thrones YouTube page, which says a lot about the amount of respect the 67-year-old actor has. But for some reason, Jackson doesn't like dragons at all!

"The first thing you need to know about this world is... no, not dragons. F*** those dragons."

But those who haven't seen Game of Thrones may want to avoid watching the clip since Samuel L. Jackson summarizes the entire plot from the first episode to the last episode. Obviously, there are lots of spoilers.

But fans of the HBO show will find it hilarious to revisit the exciting six years with the help of Samuel L. Jackson's explanations. And since this is Samuel L. Jackson we're talking about, everyone, including Tyrion Lannister and Jon Snow, is a "motherf***er" on Game of Thrones.

Watch the full clip here.

Samuel L. Jackson was nearly fired from The Legend of Tarzan for being too skinny, according to All Hip-Hop. The 67-year-old actor had a co-starring role in the film, playing George Washington Williams.

George Washington Williams (played by Samuel L. Jackson) was the first African American who called for fair rights for all Africans living in the Congo. But the only problem with playing the character was the actor's weight.

"When [director] David Yates and I first met and he cast me in the film, I looked one way," stated Jackson, noting that when he saw David again closer to the actual shoot date for "The Legend of Tarzan," the director was unhappy with the actor's weight.

But Yates was "very kind" to Samuel L. Jackson that day, the actor revealed. And when the actor was in his hotel room, his agent called him and said that Yates would fire him if he didn't gain 20 pounds in order to look "formidable."

"I said, 'I thought being thin like this would make Alexander [Skarsgard] look bigger! I went out that night and bought a three stack burger and stopped being a vegan pretty much immediately."

And that's when Samuel L. Jackson started following a special diet and exercise regimen that helped him gain weight for the character.

But gaining weight and explaining the plot of Game of Thrones are not the only things Samuel L. Jackson has been up to lately, according to the Daily Mail. The Legend of Tarzan actor has recently been swarmed by a group of nuns.

Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds were both swarmed by nuns on the streets of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, while shooting scenes for the upcoming Hitman's Bodyguard film. It's unclear whether the incident was scripted or happened in reality, but judging from the photographs, it was a hilarious encounter.

When a van pulled up at the passenger terminal, more than a dozen nuns came out of it and surrounded Samuel L. Jackson and his fellow co-star. The crowd of nuns was asking for selfies, kisses, and hugs.

In The Hitman's Bodyguard, which also stars Salma Hayek, the Deadpool star plays a professional protection agent that has a client (played by Samuel L. Jackson) who turns out to be a notorious hitman. Production of the film will continue in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

[Photo by Rob Griffith/AP Images]