‘It’s Good, I Have The Equipment’: Nice Killer’s Final Text Messages Indicate Others Were Involved In Attack

The Bastille Day killer Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel sent chilling final text messages indicating that others knew of his horrific plan and may have been involved. Bouhlel’s cell phone was found at the scene of the attack, which showed that the killer had sent text messages to other individuals in the moments leading up to his killing spree. The messages tell others that “it’s good, I have the equipment,” but then moments before the rampage he indicates that others should “bring more guns.” He then seems to tell the text recipients exactly where he will be plowing through the crowd, and refers to driving the truck to the location of “C,” a reference that police believe is to an unidentified person. So who is “C” and were others supposed to be involved in the attack?

The Daily Mail reports that alleged terrorist and Nice killer Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel sent numerous text messages and a smiling selfie in the moments leading up to the horrific Bastille Day attack. The killer’s cell phone indicates that he was in contact with other individuals throughout the day before the horror attack. On the day of the attack, Bouhlel sent a text to another individual detailing that “it’s good, I have the equipment,” which seems to reference the large rental truck and weapons used in the attack. However, just a few minutes before the killer would drive his truck through the crowded streets, he sent another text message indicating that the person should “bring more weapons” and that he is “bringing in 5 to C.”

Police reveal that Mohamed was referring to the time frame of the attack when he said “bringing in 5,” as he was telling the other person that the attack would take place in five minutes. Police believe that “C” is in reference to a person that was supposed to be waiting at the end location to possibly help inflict more damage during the attack. However, police have not identified who “C” is, or if it could have been in reference to a specific location detailed in Mohamed’s plan.

The French authorities have revealed that the man who received the chilling text messages from Bouhlel has been taken into custody along with others who received messages regarding the attack.

“The text was sent at 10:27 p.m. to one of the men now in custody following the police swoop on the killer’s friends and ‘entourage.’ It now appears that at least one of his messages was sent to another also in custody.”

According to the Independent, the Nice killer also made chilling statements that were overheard by neighbors. One person living near Bouhlel says that she overhear an argument between Bouhlel and another individual in which the killer was called “worthless.” In response to the verbal attack, Bouhlel reportedly responded, “One day, you’ll hear about me.”

Following the startling phone evidence that suggests others knew about the attack and possibly were planning to participate, police are now trying to identify everyone who received text messages and phone calls from Bouhlel leading up to the attack.

The Metro UK reports that when Bouhlel went to Via Location to rent a truck, he informed the manager that he would like to rent the “biggest vehicle” that the location offered. The manager notes that the store only rents trucks and is in shock over the devastation caused by their rental.

“We only rent out lorries here, not weapons, not Kalashnikovs. We are all very shocked. We all live in Nice and are thinking of the families.”

[Photo by AP Photo]