‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’: Tommie Lee Says Joseline Hernandez Tried To Lure Her Into A Threesom With Stevie J

Tommie Lee has been talking a lot lately about what really went down between herself, Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars looked like they might be getting down in a shocking love triangle during a recent episode of the hit VH1 show but the aftermath has been drama-filled. Now Tommie is claiming that Joseline sent police to her hotel room in an attempt to either humiliate her or get her arrested or both.

The current storyline regarding Tommie’s threesome with Joseline and Stevie J all went down in Los Angeles when they were in town for the Grammys back in February. Tommie claims that Joseline invited her to a party but told her not to tell anyone. When Tommie got to the hotel, no one else was there but Joseline and Stevie but she ended up drinking and getting pretty tipsy with them anyway.

Tommie tried to explain how the whole situation came about and why it looks so sketchy in a recent VH1 interview. There was a scene filmed for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta where Tommie is seen skinny dipping in a pool with Joseline Hernandez. Tommie claims that she and Joseline spoke after leaving the pool and Joseline let her know that it was just a scene for the show and nothing else. Of course, fans will find out just how suggestive the skinny dipping scene was but it’s supposed to suggest that the LHHATL stars had a threesome.

That would be totally believable after all since Tommie has already flirted pretty heavily with Stevie J when she was trying to get his help in the studio. Not to mention that Tommie told Joseline what she said to Stevie and then reportedly hooked up with Joseline without him around.

Stevie J has said previously that it was him who turned down the threesome offer because Tommie was Scrapp DeLeon’s girl and Scrapp is part of his family. Now Tommie is saying it was the other way around and Stevie J tried to hook up with her again when they were all in Los Angeles.

After Tommie left Joseline and Stevie J’s room at a swanky LA hotel, she claims that she checked in to her own room at the same hotel and then texted Joseline with her room number so they could get it on without Stevie around. She claims that Stevie ended up getting her room number by going through Joseline’s phone and that he started calling the room, eventually convincing her to meet with him to talk about some business.

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta newcomer must have either been really thirsty to get in the studio or maybe she was still tipsy because she ended up letting Stevie come down to her room for a meeting. Tommie claims that Stevie J offered her more drinks and that she was the one turning him down, not the other way around. Depending on who is telling the story, they didn’t end up hooking up because of respect for Scrapp.

It was after that meet with Stevie J that the real drama started. Tommie claimed to have told Joseline Hernandez about Stevie J’s visit and she didn’t know anything about it. From the story that Tommie told, though, Joseline didn’t seem upset about the situation at all but apparently Tommie thinks that she really was.

It was after that meeting with Joseline that Tommie claims to have gone back to her room alone to go to sleep. That’s when she said she woke up to someone banging on her door. Only Stevie J and Joseline knew where she was staying and Tommie claimed that she was using a fake name so she couldn’t be tracked down. Imagine her shock when she realized it was the police outside her door.

Tommie believes that Joseline may have called the police because Stevie took off on her again and she wanted revenge. Apparently, whoever did call them told the police that Tommie was hiding a fugitive in her room, causing police to come through, looking through her things.

The drama didn’t stay in Los Angeles either. Wetpaint reported in March that Tommie and Joseline were fighting again. Just ahead of the Season 5 premiere of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Tommie and Joseline were seen fighting outside of a club in Atlanta. Both women were trying to get a hit in, but security was able to stop them and put Tommie in her car, sending her on her way.

This never-ending drama between Tommie and Joseline may be the real reason Tommie wasn’t invited to the LHHATL reunion that taped just a few weeks ago. Rumors circulated that she couldn’t go because of her outstanding warrants and constant legal trouble. There were also rumors that she just wasn’t invited to the reunion show taping too but Mona Scott-Young shot them down. Now, word is Tommie will be interviewed separately for the Love & Hip Hop Season 5 reunion show because of the explosive drama between her and a few of the other cast members.

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