Real Life Sleeping Beauty: Interactive Art Project Participant Promises To Marry First Person Who Wakes Her With A Kiss, But Was Shocked To Open Her Eyes And See A Woman

A real life sleeping beauty promised to marry the first to wake her with a kiss, but when the interactive art participant opened her eyes, she discovered the fateful smoocher was a woman. Taras Polataiko’s project drew a massive crowd of spectators at the National Art Musuem in Kieve, Ukraine. Some waited patiently in the long lines just to catch a glimpse of the five lovelies taking turns sleeping in the gallery, others puckered up and planted their best kiss on the unaware young women, according to Orange News.

When an apparently impressive kiss caused sleeping beauty Yana Gurzhiy to open her eyes, she discovered that her prince charming turned out to be another princess. The crafty kisser opted to try a different tact that a plethora of the other contenders, she pressed her lips daintily to Gurzhiy’s forehead.

The sleepy interactive art project participant had this to say about the experience:

“I was astonished when I opened my eyes and saw a girl. I believe it is not a coincidence we had to meet this way. She’s a very interesting person, so I hope we’ll have some kind of professional or creative partnership.”

The Ukraine does not permit gay marriage, making it impossible to legally exchange wedding vows, if either woman attempted to live up to the legal contracts signed by both participants when they entered the museum.

During the artsy extreme game of chance, each young woman participating could choose to open her eyes to any of her suitors, but did not have any control over who chose to bend down and engage in a lip-lock, according to The Northern Light.