iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Sell Out In One Hour

Apple opened pre-orders for the highly anticipated iPhone 5 after midnight on Friday, and it appeared that the company sold out of its initial inventory in just one hour.

The tech giant, based in Cupertino, California, began accepting pre-orders for the latest iPhone, but shipping times were pushed back at least two weeks from the expected launch day on September 21 just one hour after sales began, according to Business Insider.

The site was apparently so overwhelmed that some people trying to pre-order the latest Apple smartphone were left disappointed when they were met with a “We’ll be back” notice.

AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint were still listing September 21 as the delivery date for the iPhone 5 earlier this morning, meaning that customers who pre-order through the carriers may get their device sooner than those who go directly through Apple, notes PCWorld.

As of this afternoon, however, Verizon and possibly AT&T had moved their ship dates out to September 28th.

Walmart is also accepting pre-orders for the new iPhone, and is also offering a $10 discount for the iPhone 5. Of course, for those who would rather pick one up in-store, you can go to a physical Apple Store on September 21, if you’re willing to brave the lines, of course.

For those who wish to go to the Apple Store to purchase their iPhone 5 on September 21, it’s probably a good idea to get there early, as people have already started to line up for the device.

Are you planning on purchasing the new iPhone 5? If so, are you going into the store, or purchasing your new Apple smartphone online?