Zayn Malik ‘Star Wars’ Tattoo Lights Up, But Is Gigi Hadid Too ‘Cruel’ To Light Up For Zayn?

Zayn Malik’s new Star Wars lightsaber tattoo totally proves the “Force is strong” with the ex-One Directioner. E! Online reports that although Malik hasn’t talked about his new ink yet, New York City tattoo artist Jonathan “Jon Boy” Valena wanted to get the awesome art piece out there right away.

That’s no surprise, since this addition to Malik’s collection of body ink is “pretty unique.” It’s not just a great image of the iconic Star Wars light saber in cool ink. This lightsaber tattoo “actually lights up.” Jon Boy posted a pic of the tattoo to Instagram so fans could get an eyeful of his ink magic.

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The fun part about the placement of this particular Star Wars image is the way it has to be displayed. Malik’s new tattoo not only features one of the most iconic objects in American culture, but also comes with a rude gesture just for fun. Pretty much the only way to see Zayn’s light saber is if Malik gets “pissed off” at you and you catch the star “flipping the bird.”

The question fans have wanted an answer to since Zayn’s Star Wars tattoo first lit up Instagram is, how does it light up? Entertainment Weekly reports that Velena answered the question in the Instagram post, explaining that he used a special UV ink that glows brightly under a blacklight. For some people, being under a blacklight might not be a common occurrence, but for a partying star like Malik, it’s probably safe to say that his Star Wars ink won’t go to waste. Jon Boy, who works out of New York City’s West 4 Tattoo, had a few nice and on point words for his recent client. “May the Force be with you,” he wrote.

May the force be with you @zayn #uvink #starwars #jonboytattoo

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The question, of course, is when will Zayn actually be displaying this awkwardly placed tattoo? While fans might have to wait for an answer to that, it’s clear that Zayn is going through some big changes in his life. Specifically, it seems that his up-and-down love life has been very much on his mind. Malik’s new song, “Cruel,” which is produced by the amazing Snakehips duo, may actually be about a very specific girl. The song was released on Friday morning.

According to the Telegraph, the heartbreaking yet upbeat hit might actually be about Zayn’s on-off girlfriend Gigi Hadid, with whom the 23-year-old has had a long and somewhat troubled connection. The song itself was produced after Snakehips had a talk with famous songwriter Cass Lowe, who is also responsible for Chance the Rapper’s massive hit, “All My Friends.” The British studio made sure to connect with the best of the best for the song, and it’s clearly paying off, whether or not Malik is singing about Gigi.

A spokesperson for Snakehips let fans in on how Snakehips and Zayn started working together, and it sounds like both had big plans for the collaboration. “Snakehips heard that Malik was down to work with them,” said the spokesperson, adding that the track, “Cruel,” was the perfect opportunity.

“They thought it’d work really well with Zayn singing it so they just got the idea over to him. He totally killed it and added his own vibe to track, it all came together!”

Whether or not Zayn is finally getting serious about “cruel” supermodel Gigi Hadid remains to be seen, and who or what inspired his new trouble-making tattoo is also a mystery. Even so, it’s plain to see that Malik is going through some big things, and that there’s a good chance his Star Wars and “Cruel” adventures are inspired by those big things. It won’t take long for spotlight loving Zayn to reveal what’s really been going on in his life with Hadid, and his friends can only hope that it’s good news.

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]