PowerSkin Case For Samsung Galaxy S III Provides NFC Support

Near Field Communications, better known as NFC technology, does not work when the Samsung Galaxy S III is placed inside most protective phone case. Now accessory maker PowerSkin has announced a new case that offers NFC support and charging capabilities.

Shown above, the case features a 1,500mAh battery that when used extends the life of the users phone while allowing NFC radio signals to make their way through the case.

The PowerSkin is made out of silicon and features a microUSB port that passes through to the phone in order to sync the phone and case batteries in sequence.

According to PowerSkin, the case is capable of providing upwards of 170 minutes of additional talk time and a whopping 97 hours of standby time.

Just like other cases of this type, a power button controls power flow from the case to the phone; that means, when the phone’s battery is fully charged, the power flow to the case is shut off. This process allows for maximized power investment returns.

For users who constantly glare at their smartphone to make sure its battery life will get them through the day, the PowerSkin case for the Samsung Galaxy S III also features a set of LED lights on the back of the case; those lights show approximately how much battery life is remaining for your battery.

The NFC-friendly PowerSkin case sells for $80, which is actually rather cheap compared to other similar setups on the market, especially when NFC capabilities are thrown into the mix.