Niall Horan Reaches Out To Family As One Direction Declared 'Over' By Louis Walsh

Niall Horan is reaching out to his family just as the best friend of Simon Cowell is saying that One Direction is finally over, but if fans want to see him, there are free tickets to one of his golfing events.

Although Niall Horan might be known for being a little bit distant from his family, Niall has been reaching out to his nephew, Theo. Around November 20, 2015, Mirror says Greg Horan "lashed out" at Niall Horan on Twitter because he rarely visited his family.

According to Irish Examiner, Niall Horan wished a happy birthday to his nephew and shared it with fans on Instagram. Although Niall Horan posted a picture of Theo when he was a newborn, the baby is now a toddler and a fashion model.

Being more in touch with family could be a sign that Niall Horan is looking forward to more vacation time away from One Direction, and he may have more time than expected if Louis Walsh can be believed.

According to a Breaking News report from July 17, Louis Walsh was being interviewed on Saturday Night withMiriam O'Callaghan and kept "insisting" One Direction is not getting back together. Along with that, Louis Walsh specifically talked about Niall Horan and is quoted below.

"Niall Horan was in the right place at the right time, he's the luckiest guy in the world and he knows that. They made an awful lot of money but it's over now for them and who's going to have the solo career. I think Niall will do really well and Harry [Styles]."
On the other hand, Niall Horan could be thinking about his nephew because he was interviewed by a bunch of cute kids at a golf event in Scotland, according to Sky Sports.

Speaking of golf, Niall Horan will also be at the North Ireland Open and has "invited" 13-year-old Tom McKibben, golf prodigy, on behalf of Niall's company, Modest Golf Management.

Niall Horan gave his family a nod around the time One Direction might be unofficially breaking up for good.
Niall Horan gives his family extra attention just as an insider to Simon Cowell seems to think One Direction is a thing of the past. [Photo by Rich Fury/Invision/AP Images]Belfast Telegraph reported on July 13 that Niall Horan will attend the North Ireland Open golf event that will be held near Galgorm Castle in late July, and he put a special emphasis on family when he was quoted in the following.
"The NI Open is such a great event for all the family and we are sure to have a bit of fun on and off the course during the pro-am. I recommend all the family comes along to Galgorm and gets involved because there is so much to see and do. I for one can't wait to play Galgorm."
Interestingly, Mark McDonnell, the manager of Modest Golf Management,
a hint for Niall Horan's fans on Twitter on July 17 by announcing "Anyone who wants to register for free tickets to the NI Open @GalgormCastle simply go to Going to be a great week!"

Of course, one interesting aspect to these golf adventures will be seeing if Niall Horan brings his new "friend" along with him. Daily Mail and others reported that Niall Horan was allegedly tied romantically or infatuated with Belgian law trainee, Celine Vandycke.

Although Niall Horan is currently focused on spending time golfing in the British Isles, when he does decide to go back to America, he will have a gorgeous new house in Hollywood to stay in, according to Celebuzz.

Niall Horan has a new house in Orange County and could be seen in Los Angeles more in the future.
Niall Horan allegedly bought a house in Hollywood, and could be seen at LAX more often. [Photo by KGC-173/STAR MAX/IPx/AP Images]Naturally, Niall Horan can afford a Hollywood mansion since Forbes recently placed One Direction behind Taylor Swift as the top-paid musicians of 2016 with $110 million in total profits, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

However, as far as new Niall Horan music goes, there are always rumors in the mix, and Shawn Mendes is a new one. Gossie writes on July 15 that Shawn said he would love to work with Niall Horan, but "we just haven't had a chance yet to be in the same place at the same time to work on music."

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