Skull With Huge Eyes Claimed To Be An ‘Alien Skull’: Skull Found On Sealand Island 50 Percent Larger Than Human Skull And Still Has Scientists Flabbergasted

Scientists were flabbergasted after discovering a skull with huge eyes that may be that of an alien. Could we have finally found proof that alien’s exist and that they are here on Earth?

Danish contractors located the huge skull on Sealand Island, Express reports. The skull is said to be nearly 50-percent larger than a human head and most likely very old. The contractors were digging up 100-year-old pipes when they found the skull under a building once owned by a butcher.

Scientists did not recognize the skull as anything Earthly. University of Copenhagen’s Niels Bohr Institute tested the skull and believe it to be greater than 800-years-old.

Scott C. Waring, a Ufologist, is convinced that the skull could possibly be that of an alien, or possibly even a human-alien hybrid.

“Here is a great skull found in Denmark and it’s really remarkable. The enlarged eyes, the teeth are mind-blowing. It doesn’t fit into any known species and is 50-percent larger than a human skull. Perhaps a half-human, half-alien hybrid.”

The skull did not have any parts missing and it had fang teeth. After further investigation in the area that the skull was located, nothing related to the skull was found.

One very strange aspect of this is that the skull was located in between two pipes that were just a century old, yet the skull itself is said to be at least 800-years-old.

In the past, Sealand was home to many writers and poets, such as the secret Order of Pegasus Light. The Order of Pegasus Light was a group of writers and poets who were to protect and guard alien artifacts, including an extraterrestrial skull left behind from the constellation Pegasus.

Although the group began in the 1300’s, some famous writers that we know of today were members of the Order of Pegasus Light, including William Shakespeare, H.G. Wells, Thomas Jefferson, and Ambrose Bierce.

William Shakespeare was once a part of the Order of Pegasus Light [Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images]Ancient Code describes some other alien-looking skulls located that have not been able to be identified by scientists and are still to this day a mystery.

A graveyard was located underground of the Caspar desert back in 1928 that raised concerns about aliens. Julio Tello, an archeologist, uncovered 300 skulls that dated back at least 3,000 years. Not only were these skull’s elongated more than any skull ever known to man, but the DNA was recently analyzed leading to many more questions.

Researchers do not believe the skull’s could have been elongated as much as they were through the typical head-binding process, which is popular in the Tomman Island and different tribes of North America, Tomboy reports. The skull had mutant DNA unknown to man.


Another skull listed was the Rhodope Skull, which was located by a resident of Plovdiv. This skull only weighed 250 grams and had no mouth, although it had six cavities, which UFO enthusiasts believe could be sensory organs of an alien.

The Russian alien skulls were located on Mount Bolshoi Tjach in the mountains. Vladimir Melikov, an ethnographer who led a group of explorers, found the skulls. Melikov revealed that the skulls lacked jaws and cranial vault. Like the skull recently discovered, the Russian skulls had unusually large eyes and facial features, but similar to that of a human.

A human skull This is a model of a human skull.
[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]
Although the skull looks real and quite alien-like, many are skeptical that the whole story is a hoax.

“A photograph. No hard evidence at all, since none of the sources mention where the skull currently is, who the scientists are who carbon-dated it, or anything else. “

Perhaps someday, we will be able determine if this skull is, indeed, that of an extraterrestrial. Is it possible that the alien skull that was to be religiously guarded by the Order of Pegasus Light was finally uncovered?

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