Good Samaritan: Woman Saves Mother And Child By Crashing Into Their Car

Brigitte Gonzalez saved the life of a Florida woman and her daughter by intentionally crashing into their car. The Good Samaritan did not think twice before taking the action.

Gonzalez didn’t think of herself as a hero or a Good Samaritan at the time — she just did what came naturally when she saw a woman and her child were in danger.

It happened on July 1, when Nakia Moore was driving on U.S. Route 441 with her daughter. She was heading to West Park to pick up her husband when she suffered a stroke, suddenly losing control of her car.

Moore says all she remembers is the car rolling, “And after that is just a blank.”

According to a report by WSVN, Gonzalez was about to pass the rolling car when she realized something was very wrong.

“Everybody was honking, honking, honking,” Gonzalez said.

“I looked to my left and I saw the lady and she was having a stroke, a seizure, she was foaming out of the mouth, she was just shaking. Then I saw her daughter, and that’s when I guess it hit me in my heart that I was like, have to stop her.”

In related news on the Inquisitr:

It was then that the Florida Good Samaritan came up with a plan and decided to slowly drive her car into Moore’s, in order to both cut the vehicle off and bring it to a halt before anything more serious happened.

“I just decided to slow down and kind of slightly hit her,” Gonzalez said. “It wasn’t like a hard impact. I slightly hit the tip of the front of her car.”

Fortunately that slight bump was sufficient to bring Moore’s Nissan Altima to a halt, and in the meanwhile a bystander managed to flag down Sgt. Kypps Pollard of the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

Speaking of the Good Samaritan’s actions and commending her, Fox News quotes Pollard as saying of Gonzalez, “She just positioned her car, you know with the speeds that the car was going, to minimize that amount of damage and the impact.”

Police officers then arrived on the scene and helped to direct traffic away from the two vehicles.

According to Moore, the next thing she remembered was coming around and seeing herself surrounded by police officers and other people, all looking at her, including Gonzalez.

Moore believes that Gonzalez both saved her life and also her daughter’s life, while putting herself at risk in the process.

“I’m just grateful for her, I thank God for her,” Moore added.

Pollard added, “Thank God that there are good people out there that do things just for the right reason.”

While Moore and Gonzalez had never met prior to the accident, they have reportedly spoken on the phone since and say they are likely to become lifelong friends.

Speaking of her car, Gonzalez said, “I’m just happy that she’s OK.”

“Honestly I don’t care so much about the car. I just want her and her daughter to be OK,” she added.

[Image via Fox News]