Sega Genesis hits the big two-oh

Hey, weren’t we just celebrating a 20th birthday for a legendary piece of gaming hardware? Why yes, we were! But because I like feeling old, let’s do it again. Everybody, tip your hats to Sega’s Genesis (or Mega Drive, for me and my fellow PAL peeps).

This sleek, black 16-bit contender was released in North America on August 14th, 1989, and did what Nintendon’t. It’s still one of the greatest Sega consoles ever (in my head, Dreamcast rules the Sega roost).

If it weren’t for the Genesis Mega Drive, I’d probably never have personally sampled the delights of After Burner II, Jurassic Park, Sonic 2, Gunstar Heroes, Theme Park, Streets of Rage II, and, um, Marko’s Magic Football.

It was a simpler age, then. An age when this sort of thing was perfectly acceptable in gaming magazines:


[Via Joystiq]